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  1. Can you share it please, i can't find it on
  2. Does it comes with Prestashop by default? i can't find it. I found this but https://github.com/PrestaShop/blocktags but it doesn't work with version 1.7 Thanks
  3. Hi, I've checked everywhere but i can't find how to use product tags on the frontend. I've tagged products on site and when searching for a tag it returns unrelated products, also i can't find a way of listing products for a tag on the frontend. Please let me know how to get Tags working properly. Thanks
  4. Thanks Knowband Plugins, But it doesn't seems to be working! Can you explain the difference between $subtotal.amount and $subtotal.value Please? Thanks
  5. Hi All, Just trying to figure out the code (not a programmer myself). What's the difference between $cart.subtotals.tax.amount and $cart.subtotals.tax.value? I basically want to reduce the tax from the sub total on the checkout page and i tried {$subtotal.amount-$cart.subtotals.tax.amount} And it gives the value but not rounded into 2 decimal. How can i achieve this? Thanks
  6. Sorry, please ignore this. There was a javascript code that i was experimenting and forgot to remove. Note: Anyone having issues reordering large number of attributes via admin cp, exporting ps_attribute in csv and re-ordering the position column and re-importing seems to be an easy solution. Worked for me anyways
  7. Hi Guys, I have installed 1.7 and all seems to working OK except for few minor stuff which i'm figuring out. But one issue is making me pull my hair out I got around 900 attributes (colours and Sizes), when i added them they were not in a order. So since it's difficult to reorder them by dragging. I reordered the ps_attribute tables position column, and i can see positions updated on the backend. But on the product page, there seems to be a different order from the updated new order. I was wondering should i update the records anywhere else? I've cleared cache and still no luck. Appreciate your urgent inputs to get this resolved. Thanks
  8. Thanks You've just saved me a lot of time. For anyone whose looking the code is {$product.wholesale_price}
  9. Thanks for the reply, I'm referring to the cost price you enter when adding a product on the back-end with the tooltip that says "The cost price is the price you paid for the product. Do not include the tax. It should be lower than the retail price: the difference between the two will be your margin." I'd like to show it on the product page.
  10. Hi, I'd like to show the cost price per product on the product details page on Prestashop 1.7 How can i achieve this? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm having the same issue, catalog page on admin give HTTP 500 error. I have enabled debug but doesn't show any errors. And Installed plugin section says: 0 installed modules 0 built-in modules 0 theme modules PS version: PHP version: 5.6 Any ideas?
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