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  1. I don't mean to necro this thread, but were you able to fix this issue? I'm having a very similar problem. I'm using the First Data Global Gateway e4 - Hosted Payment Page module and when I click to configure the module and add data to it, if I click the "save settings" button inside the module configuration screen, it shows me the Fatal error (Configuration -> name Length 32) error.
  2. I'd like to add some parameters to the order_canceled, outofstock, payment, payment_error, refund, and shipped email templates. However when I search through the Prestashop code, I cannot find where these emails get called. For exampled, when I search my entire Prestashop folder for the word 'order_canceled' it comes up with no results. And I also looked at every instance of Mail::Send and I don't see those email templates every being called, yet I know they are getting called from somewhere because these emails are getting sent out. Thanks, Justin
  3. Just chiming in here to say that the shipping estimate module for the shopping cart works great for Prestashop using the one page checkout.
  4. Hi Lukas, I think to sort alphabetically you would need to make the following modifications (untested): @Codegrunt: Thanks! Extremely helpful code snippet <?php class Carrier extends CarrierCore { public static function getCarriersForOrder($id_zone, $groups = NULL) { $carriers=array(); $result=parent::getCarriersForOrder($id_zone, $groups); if($result){ if(count($result)>0){ $sort=array(); foreach($result AS $k=>$v){ $sort['_'.$k]=$v['name']; //change from 'price' to 'name' } asort($sort,SORT_STRING); //change from SORT_NUMERIC to SORT_STRING foreach(array_keys($sort) AS $k){ $carriers[]=$result[(substr($k,1))]; } } } return $carriers; } }
  5. I believe your presumption is correct and that one is for Regular and the other is for Commercial.
  6. My thought is because your prestashop config file or somewhere in the back office you have set the timezone for your shop. When you call date() from test.php, you are not inheriting any controller or config information from the back office (assuming that test is not a controller with a class extending any of prestashops classes/controllers). That's my guess as to why it's showing different values.
  7. I'd make a copy of an existing module that hooks into a similar area that you want, and then I'd edit the TPL file to display whatever new navigation you want to use. The fact that you have 2 languages doesn't really change anything because Prestashop makes it really easy to set translatable strings in smarty (e.g. {l s ='this string can easily be translated in the back office'}. I'm unfamiliar with what module inserts the new navigation for (I haven't used it myself) but you could also hijack that modules tpl file and override it in your themes/modules/modulefolder/moduletemplatefile.tpl. Then just add in your second nav into that same module.
  8. It would appear that you're not giving the require function the correct path. I believe you need to use a relative path to you file based on the actual file system, not a web address. It cannot be "http://www.example.com/myphpfile.php". It would have to be something like "/myphpfile.php" or "classes/myphpfile.php".
  9. Thanks for your help guys. I did try both tools.php and Tools.php but neither worked. It's a mystery! If I find out what it was I'll be sure to post back here. Cheers, Justin
  10. I've recently simplified my registration page and it's quite a lot of work. If you don't have any coding experience it's going to be very difficult unfortunately. Not meaning to discourage you but just trying to let you know it's not as easy as someone sending you a file. Most likely you'll have to figure it out on your own because there are address related dependencies in other places in the shop including the my-account section, the shopping cart, paypal, the one page checkout module, and various javascript files.
  11. put this block around the DIV that contains your pictures. This would essential not render any HTML where the picture should go, if the product has no picture. product.tpl {if isset($images) && count($images) > 0} //picture displaying code goes here (default prestashop code. no need to change anything) {/if}
  12. Did you set in your Back Office > Preferences > SEO & URL's to use "shop/" as your PS Directory? That might help cause it seems like your page is having trouble finding your .css files
  13. To enable it, you need to add features to your product. This can be done from the Back Office. Click on the product you want to edit, and then along the product tabs (once you are editing the product) click on the Features tab and add a new feature. Those features are what show in the data sheet.
  14. The easiest way might be through executing some SQL in your database. This should do the trick: UPDATE ps_country SET contains_states = '1' WHERE active = '1' Other than that, you'll have to go into each country in the Back Office individually and turn "contains states" to on. However, if you don't have any state information for a country and a customer tries to checkout, you might get an error because a state is required for that country but there is nothing to select. Cheers, Justin
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