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  1. To 1) : It seems to be the correct link as I get the order confirmation etc. 2) This is a bug. The payment_return Hook is not registered. Use the sql code below to fix this. Replace XX by the module id of your PayPalApi Module. (table: module) Replace YYY by the Hook for the Payment Return (table: hook) INSERT INTO `your_database`.`PREFIX_hook_module` ( `id_module` , `id_hook` , `position` ) VALUES ( 'XX', 'YY', '1' );
  2. Hello, I configured the PayPalApi but I have two issues: 1) Which URL do I have to enter for the Instant Payment Notification (IPN)? The wiki says "http://localhost:8888/prestashop/modules/paypal/validation.php" but this is obviously for the normal paypal module. "Is http://localhost:8888/prestashop/modules/paypalapi/ipn.php" the correct one for the API? 2) If I execute the PayPal payment I am not redirected to the "payment_return.tpl" content. The site directly opens the file order-confirmation.php. Where do I have to configure this? Is this a setting in Paypal or within Prestashop. I appreciate your help! Gweilo
  3. Hello, when I use the cheque payment module, no order confirmation ist sent. Where do I have to configure this? Can anyone help please? Bankwire seems to work, but also only if I set the status "Send e-mail to customer when order is changed to this status" in the in the tab "Order status" of the Administration Panel for the bankwire status. Does anyone have a similar problem? Why is no order confirmation sent after an order is placed with a payment module?! Thx Chris
  4. Fix Umrechnung Preise z.B. in 100g Einheiten: z.B. in product.tpl {assign var='myWeight' value=$product->weight} {assign var='myWeightGram' value=$myWeight*1000} {assign var='myPrice' value=$product->getPrice(true, NULL, 2)} {assign var='myPrice100Gram' value=$myPrice/$myWeight*0.1} an gewünschter Stelle ähnliches einbauen: {if $myPrice100Gram!=0}* Preis pro 100g = {$myPrice100Gram} €{/if}
  5. @d0m1n1k: es funktioniert, wenn man es in die payment.php kopiert. MwSt. fix funktioniert zwar nicht, is m.E. aber auch nicht notwendig (vgl. z.B. Otto.de - auch hier steht nur der Verweis: alle preise inkl. gesetzl. MWST). Danke für den Fix!
  6. Hi, ich hab schon wieder zurückgebaut. Das Error-Reporting schaltet man in der config.inc.php unter /config ein, indem man die Varialbe display_errors auf on setzt....
  7. Hallo, kann es sein, dass der Fix "Zusammenfassung vor Bestellbestätigung" nicht funktioniert? In dem moment, wo ich die createSummary aufrufe, bricht das Skript an der Stelle ab. Lasse ich den Aufruf weg, werden zwar die Template eingebunden, jedoch logischerweise ohne Daten. Muss die Funktion wirklich in die Klasse Order.php? Hat jemand das selbe Problem und kann mir bitte weiterhelfen? Danke!
  8. Hello everyone, could someone tell me if and if yes, how it is possible to add not just one product at a time to the cart when I'm in the category view? Can I add there a box (like in the detail view) in order to add the desired number of products to the cart? Help is much appreciated! Thanks Gweilo
  9. Hi! Here you can find a download of such a page. Under IE it works fine, under Firefox not. Thx Gweilo product.zip
  10. Hello everybody, i have the following bug with firefox: On a product page, when I e.g. click on one of the tabs at the bottom e.g. on More Information or User Comments (http://www.abc.com/#idTab5) than Firefox opens the startpage instead of displaying the tab. In IE and Opera it works perfect. Does anyone have a solution for this bug please? Thx Gweilo
  11. Does anyone have useful comments on this please?
  12. Hi, I reported this as a bug. If you have the same problem either delete the map on the image or add a product image to the linked product. Bug Report: If an image map is created and the map links to a product which has no pictures available then the frontend does not load properly anymore as the scene can not determine the size of the pictures etc. Actually the php executions stops when handling the scene: " <!-- Scenes --> [removed][removed] [removed][removed] [removed][removed] [removed]// <![CDATA[ i18n_scene_close = 'Close'; $(function () { li_width = parseInt(161 + 10); }); //]]>[removed] [removed][removed] " Nothing is loaded anymore after this Tag. If a picutre is added to the linked product or if the maps are removed, the page loads properly again.
  13. Hello, how can i make sure that the CMS content will be parsed by smarty, like other .tpl files are. E.g.: I would like to add an include { include ..../.../xy.tpl } in the CMS module. Can anyone please tell me the smarty command for this that I can adapt the method returns of the CMS class? Thx Gweilo
  14. Hello, I have the following problem with the image mapping feature. If I add an image mapping to a category no products are shown anymore and the cart disapears as well. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or if I do something wrong. The category iPods for example is properly shown. I would appreciate any hints and tipps! Thx Gweilo
  15. Hello everybody! I just tried the wishlist feature and it actually looks quite good. My question is, why the "add to wishlist" button is only shown in the detailed view of a product and not also on the category view. There I only get "add to cart" and "view". How can I get the "add to wishlist" button also on this place? Thx Gweilo
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