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  1. Hi It seems that shipping cost is displayed without tax for non logged in users, eg. visitors group (but it says tax incl. next to the shipping price) As soon as you log in the shipping is displayed with the tax. I have defined the default country, and shipping also has assigned a tax rate tied to that country. Also the visitors group has "incl. tax" checked. So how can I always show shipping WITH tax (because I only deliver to one country, and that country has a tax), no mather if the user is logged in or not? PS 1.5.2 Thanks!
  2. Hi I would like to make the order message field mandatory if certain products are in the cart ( there are 8 products that make message field mandatory). I'm using OPC, and I would like to have the same type of error message as when you don't click the Terms and Conditions (eg. not showing Payment modules until there is a message plus a line of text where the payment modules should be shown). How could it be done? Thanks!
  3. Konkret musste ich \x{d800}- rauslöschen (Zeile 56 in classes/Search.php) Nachher hats wieder funktioniert (Suche neu indexieren nicht notwendig, resp. bringt nichts) Falls noch jemand danach sucht...
  4. Hallo Wir sind auch bei Hostpoint und haben das Problem mit der Suche - gibt es inzwischen eine praktikable Lösung? Besten Dank!
  5. hi is there any solution planned to import existing shops into 1.5 version? so that a shop owner can combine his existing shops into one 1.5 multishop more or less automatically? because a lot of shop owners i know are interested in 1.5 - but they don't want to start from scratch with 1000s of articles already existing in the current shops (plus customers and orders). so basically some automatic method to import products, customers and orders from any other prestashop installation would be necessary. (also this feature would have been helpful many times for 1.4) greetings
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