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  1. Hello Breakerh, I have the same problem with Have you got the answer for this question finally? Thank you,
  2. Hello Abraham, I am really interested about this sollution... Could you please explain the exact places where the files from own/captcha have to be copied? I am really appreciate your answer... Thank you very much, I have got it finally!!! Thank you!
  3. Hi Maofree, First of all, many thanks for your great efforts of writing usefull modules for prestashop. I am really interested about your captcha sendtoafrind mudul, but I want to stay with my old prestashop installation (v1.3.6). Do i have a chance to install this modul succesfully? Thank you,
  4. Köszi Feri a gyors választ! Igen, ez rendben van, viszont ez sok időt vehet igénybe. Nemcsak a feltöltéskor, hanem ha mondjuk termékek ezreihez tartozó képeket kell átméretezni, akkor az rendesen leveszi a szervert is. Egyébként több képet egy termékhez fel lehet tölteni? Ha igen, akkor ez hogyan néz ki a csv fájlban? Köszi mégegyszer!
  5. Sziasztok! Köszi, nagyon hasznos ezt tudni. A képek előkészítését (resize) a szerverre bíztátok, vagy saját gépen méreteztétek át? Célszerűbbnek tűnik már kis méretben feltölteni őket... Próbáltam az irfan view batch conversion-ját használni erre, de valahogy csúnyák lettek a képek. Van valami tippetek, képek tömeges jó minőségű átméretezésére? Bocs, nem teljesen vág a témába... Köszi szépen
  6. Many thanks for this great module… It works fine with PS1.3.6
  7. Hi Jcmarcos and Birdbath, Have you tried out something for this issue? I have just got the same. I moved my shop to a new host. Backend works fine, but frontend shows nothing... Thank you,
  8. Hi, She deleted the cookies, and everithing goes well with IE too...
  9. Hello. I have just got a call from a customer, and she explained the same problem described above. I would really appreciate to have a solution... Thank you, The girl called again, and told me that the problem appears only with Mozilla. She successfully logged in with IE8. Any idea?
  10. Hi Apprentice, Could you please share the answer with us? I have the same problem... Thanks,
  11. Hi rtaylor45, Did you get any answer of your question? If yes, could you please let us know? It would be a very importatn feature for me too. Thank you,
  12. These are all very serious questions, and nobody answers... It would be great to know what kind of changes coming in the new PS releases. If the "discount for category" function is not available, you have only one way to realise your wish and use this basic function: let's go back to osCommerce... I saw lots of very nice themes here, and admire your efforts to built great community, but from my point of view, the FUNCTIONALITY is more important...
  13. Hi All, I would like to assign a discount for a product, which has lots of product combinations by color. I have already assigned 10pcs as the quantity limit for the discount. But as I realised that the discount could be activated for each combinations separately and not for the summarized amount of the item combinations. So the question is that, how the discount could be implemented if the customer wants to buy 5pcs of red and 5pcs of blue products? Thanks a lot!
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