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  1. Hi I've managed to set up our site but the damn product pages are too wide for some reason. I've checked CSS... anyone out there know what it could be? Here's an example product: http://www.ribandhull.com/weekday-bags/29-oversized-weekday.html Thanks in advance
  2. anyone? (bumping this as it is driving me crazy)
  3. upgrading to 1.4 is not so easy... it seems I need to rewrite the whole template. I'm doing it offline at the moment. Small steps
  4. Could someone explain to me the reasoning of having a module positioned in 2 different positions. Most of my modules are either in the left or right column blocks of my theme but also need to be in the header of pages position??? I'm just such a noob I can't figure out why???
  5. I actually bought a template from dgcraft.free.fr but ended up starting from scratch a modifying a free template. A lot of the things are not set up for the 1.4 version like one page login or guest tracking, etc.... so I'll be working on the template all weekend to finish it.
  6. I decided to upgrade to 1.4 today... and after some work it seems to work (more or less)
  7. Hi I'm still tweaking my shop http://www.ribandhull.com and working out some glitches. ... and then I'm going to upgrade to 1.4 hopefully. What is your first impression? Cheers
  8. Hi M aybe this is a dumb question but how do I modify the layout so the logo is one line and there is a break and the next line in the header-right? /* global layout */ #page { width: 980px; margin: 0 auto 2px auto; text-align: left } div#logo { float: left; width: 27%; margin-top: 1em } #header_right { float: left; margin-bottom: 15px; width: 73%; text-align: right } Help a newb out PLEASE
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