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  1. [Module] Product Query

    Hello again, Unfortunately they have me on a budget at the moment (motorbikes dont sell very well this time of year, its toooo cold), but I will keep your module in mind for when our "budget" is increased. Its nice to know the picture and position of the module are configurable in the Pro version. (I am still finding you multiblock module very usefull, that is one very usefull module I would of been lost without) All the best, Cerberus22
  2. [Module] Product Query

    Hi Phrasespot, Hows it going ? I like your product query module (the way it opens in a light box and not taking you away from the product page is very good) I would like to use it but I do not have the room on the "Right Column" (Extra actions on the product page) to put it, so is it possable to change the hook to "Extra actions on the product page" (left column). At the same time is it possable to change the picture used (for the link) for another one ? One more question, sorry, if the above is not possable can it be used from a text link ? (then I can add the text link to the bottom of my description) All the best, Cerberus22
  3. Hi Maofree, A very nice module, thank you. I do have one question about the "Askmoreinfo" Modules text link on the product page, can it be changed to a image ? is this possble ? All the best, Cerberus22
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a Module that will display on the product page other products with the same Tags (in a scroller like the prestashop standard "Products Category" module on the product page) I did find a couple of modules on prestashops addons shop but it seems as they do not scroll. Does anyone know of one ? Or can the standard Prestashops Products Category scroller be converted to work with just Tags? Using Prestashop V (It can be Paid or a free module)
  5. buttons squashed on category page

    Hi, I have a problem with squashed up buttons on category page (see pic) I would like to have bit of a gap between them. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? All the best, cerberus22
  6. Hi all, The contact form will not send (it gives me the message "Your message has been successfully sent to our team" But i do not recieve it. Using smtp yahoo (I cannot use phpmail) when an order go through email is sent ok to shop owner and to customer so email works there ok, it is just the contact form that is not working. I have tried the fix here but no go : http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/content/9-fix-email-problems Has anyone any ideas on how to fix ? All the best, Steve
  7. Hi How can I change the amount displayed on the category page, I have changed the amount shown in back office. Now I want to change the amount displayed in the dropdown menu on category page from 10. 20. 50 To 20, 50, 100, and add "View all" can this be done ? using prestashop v1.4.4.0 All the best, Steve
  8. Custom form module

    this worked for me, you can create free forms here in php, http://www.formmail-maker.com/generator.php then i used an iframe on a cms page for the form and it works fine <iframe name="FRAME1" src="id77.htm" width="730" height="360" frameborder="0" ></iframe> change id77.htm to the name of your form and change width and height
  9. Hi Virtualgadjo, Thanks, I will give the div a try, I think Iwill also remove the "Latest in stock" that will help as well Thanks again for the help, Steve
  10. Hi Mr Baseball 34, Here you go :
  11. Hi, I Need some help with button alignment on the category page, can someobne help? see picture. I need to put a space/gap under the thumbnails to push the button down to match the button on the product "On Sale" Al the best, Steve
  12. Hi Shacker, Thank you for that, thats just what I wanted. All the best, Steve
  13. Hi, I like the module, Thank you. I do have one question, is it possable to "adjust" the module so it will "Hook" on to the "product footer" ? All the best, steve
  14. Hi all, If I wanted to search for more than one "tag" how can I do it ? This is for one tag (just the end of the url) : search?tag=Cruiser If I want to search for 2 or 3 tags what is the correct way, (the 2 tags being : Cruiser and All Rounder) I have tried things like : search?tag=Cruiser+all rounder But no go, (I dont know if it is even possable to do) can anyone help ? All the best, Steve