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  1. It should be last wednesday. Can someone tell me when will it be released? Thanks, take care.
  2. Try this. open in yout theme folder file product-sort.tpl and add option: {l s='newest products'} Hope this helps.
  3. fraolsmae: sorry for the delay, holidays and work. if you want space between the modules, just give them margin and appropriate width, so you dont't break the design. And, I think, you should also remove background from parent divs. Hope this is helpfull.
  4. hm, know anything about CSS and HTML?
  5. Not sure what you mean exactly. Could you describe it a bit more, please?
  6. I've designed it myself. Why? Need any more info?
  7. Hello, done two shops before with virtuemart, this is my first attempt with Prestashop. What do you think? It's army shop, airoft, fishing, optics kind of store. Avantura
  8. One way to do it is just to have one button which points to cart (order.php).
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