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  1. Thanks vekia for pointing me in right direction. If anyone has this problem just delete the ID in the database then export the database and import it again.
  2. No no, of course not. But the product has that ID. And when I try to modify it, it gives me that error. But when I try to delete it from admin, it deletes it but when I try to add new product then it reappears.
  3. Hi, I'm having a really weird problem. When I try to add or edit a product i get An error occurred while creating an object. product I've narrowed it down to a single product. I tried to delete it which it did but when I try to add new product it repeats the error and puts the product with the same id back. I tried to delete it from DB an it does the same. Like it's stuck on that particular product id. Some info: product id = 4294967295 PS version = Can anyone help me?
  4. Hi, I'm dealing with the same problem actually. It does the same as you describe it, but it doesn't calculate the tax twice, but it adds some amount to Total and to that total price it adds taxes. Don't know where it's getting it's first increase. Check if the taxes are actually calculated twice or the first one is some weird percentage, that I can't explain.
  5. Hi, I have PS When I create attributes and values for color and assign attribute type color I get the color picker. That is okay. But I remember in previous PS versions, that with color picker, the select menu for colors was also displayed, so when you clicked the color, the values changed appropriately in select menu. The select menu is not visible. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  6. sweeeet, specials module works now! spasiba cesarpenafiel and rade popovic!
  7. Before I give you the credentials, I would like to mention also that when I import categories in CSV, it gives me this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in /classes/Category.php on line 367 But it imports categories nevertheless.
  8. Tried it with 128, 256, 512, 1024, nothing works. PHP info: http://dev.bisoft.si/phpinfo.php
  9. Yes. It's the same. I had the memory problem, when importing products and categories. It went away, but now this.
  10. Hi Mke, well, I have my own hosting and I upgraded memory to 1024MB and still nothing. Ou jea, I have display errors on. Any other suggestions?
  11. Hi, if I have my categories block enabled, I get blank page. If I disable page appears. INFO: site: dev.bisoft.si/napa PS version: Can anyone help? Cheers.
  12. As I've said two times already, it was Jquery textshadow fault. I didn't need it any more, so I removed it and the problem was gone. Sorry, but that's all I've got.
  13. Simply great module. I confirm prestasimos bug, discounted products in Specials block just disappears. Any solution?
  14. Hi, I want to be able to change the date for which the product is new in BO. Or where can I make the change so instead of date_add it uses date_upd? I hope you understand.
  15. I'm interested. Please post how you did it. Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone, hope someone could help me with this. My PS version is Loyalty module is instaled and is working prefectly. Some products we are selling cannot be sold online. I disabled the cart, but I would like to also remove the loyalty info on these products. Is there anyway to do this? Doesn't matter if it involves changing the core code or doing it through the database. I just want it possible. Thanks and take care.
  17. I would also like to know how do you change quantity in BO order as well as if you can add discount in BO order.
  18. Hello everyone, I'm using PS TEST SITE: http://dev.bisoft.si/aa/ in IE8 on one page checkout it doesn't display the invoice address. IE8 shows this error: Object doesn't support this property or method. Scrolled through the source and it seems it has problem with this line: var items = field_name.split(reg); Anyone know why is that? Thanks.
  19. juhu! will report as soon as i try it. keep up the good work.
  20. I would like to know also. This should be the default setting in PS.
  21. Sweet. Looking forward to upgrading. 1.4.1 had exactly the kind of bugs that were preventing me from upgrading to 1.4.1 and now they are squashed in 1.4.2 Excellent work guys. ;-)
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