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  1. I agree that it is risky indeed, but in my case I do not have issue if the database is different and keep it separate on sub-domain but my main concern is design, i want same design for my sub domain, i tried all options, none worked, even i created new database and imported the main domain database into that new database for sub domain it did not work as well. Any thoughts from you?
  2. Tariq, have you solved your issue? I am having same issue and spent over hours to experiment but no success.
  3. Hello members, I am working on Prestashop and as soon I tried to installed the UPS Module I got the following error [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home2/xyz/public_html/modules/upsmodule/upsmodule.php: Arrays are not allowed in class constants I have to remove the UPS Module manually to make the backoffice work again. Please advise how to solve this issue and install the UPS Module.
  4. Hello, Would you mind to tell, which theme you having? did you purchase it?
  5. Hello, I am on a stage now to add a payment gateway for my website. I am little confused here. I want my bank to be setup to receive payments from the website. Please advise any step by step thread or link which can be helpful through out this procedure. Thanks
  6. Yes, I understand but I want to add more links on a single image.
  7. Hi, Though my website top horizontal bar is working perfectly with sub menus, but I want to remove the hover or link from the main menu for example, when you hover the mouse over Products, it will show the categories or products, but I don't want user to click on the Product menu as it it takes user to the page of with all the products in it. Thanks
  8. OMG, It is done thank you some much D. Tengler and JBW.
  9. Hello JBW, can you advise, how i can do it? for me editing file is easy but how i can replace and regenerate?
  10. I did not generate, what i mean that in the code where $white is written, i wrote black to see if it effects any thing but no change, I want this color #f9f9f9? as background of product picture, please see attached. But the code seems scripted not CSS.
  11. and I just checked that my products images are in JPG, do have to upload PNG format to get it work, because I changed the color black but it does not change any thing.
  12. Thank you JBW, How I can paste the following color #f9f9f9?
  13. Hello JBW, I am running my shop on and I did use browser inspection to track but all i can figured out is that it give back ground color while generate image size small / large. Please advise, if there is any script to look for?
  14. Hello, I am into a situation where I stuck badly. I upload an image with the background color of my website and seems fine in product list but when I click on it to make purchase the Image because larger with a different background color. Product background color is different than frame background color (white), whereas I am trying for frame background color should be same as product back ground color. Anyone has any idea where i change the code so that it takes my background color. Thanks
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