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  1. cauko.. tak £120/3roky je cena vonku v zahranici (nemozem ti odporucit ziadnu firmu heh nechcem dostat ban)..ma to svoje vyhody aj nevyhody..okrem toho ze cpcko je cele v anglictine (co asi neni problem) a s podporov musis dealovat po anglicky tam asi ziaden iny problem nie je.. monopol som mal skor na mysli cenu v pomere kvalita sluzieb.. ak da jeden hore cenu davaju secia ja som nakoniec slobodny od akehokolvek hostingu.. hostujem sa sam a stoji ma to 20ku rocne
  2. alebo skus novy/iny hosting.. najlepsie si to otestujes lokalne na nejakom centos alebo debian linuxe. Nahraj si tam komplet lamp a skus si to cele prenies tam.. vsetko by ti malo ist.. (a nie wampp na windows nie je to iste ako ked das lamp na linux) - ak ti vsetko pojde na lokalnom pc tak je chyba na hostingu. 500 znamena chyba.. uhm mozno by si sa mal kuknut ci mas zapnute alebo vypnute +followsymlinks adt.
  3. cau, scim potrebujes pomoct resp, scim si nevies rady?
  4. @iulu2v I think you have htaccess prolem.. check it you if htaccess file is in worpdress folder
  5. Hi.. this is wordpress using external theme and css from original demo shop here from presta.. this wordpress does not use any plugins or what so ever its just pure blog.. some scripts does not work as it is not hosted on same server but this could show you that it is possible to have blog on prestashop very easy, have look http://topfreelancer.co.uk/dev/fun/
  6. Hi bobcat22 I am saying regards blog (it is the best way which works from me) not regards reviews or other plugins. As topic said "Using a PrestaShop Theme Page as a Template for the WordPress Blog Portion of Site" I was thinking thats what this is about.. the blog not pages and other plugins.. sorry if we did not understand each other from very start Dear Dh42 Regards seo, prestashop is nice, have its own tool and its own sitemap, robots etc.. however you are very unlikely to change products frequently and it is the content which turns your google and other search engines in.. of course key words too, but you have to be more interactive with people, not only informations and shop - thats what internet is about those days.. Regards root folder, sure its all about traffic - as bobcat22 said 'Great articles will increase traffic for those who are not interested in your products as well as attract those who are' he nail it just right. If you have prestashop in root you will have basic seo just for your products which doesn’t change so often and as you cannot adding every day new products it is very likely that you will 'stay as you are' once you finish adding all your products and thats it. Google will keep you but if someone will start for example blog regards any of those products or something where content will have something to do with your product, then you will simply go down on google page 'search results' as his content is more relevant due to information and interactivity of people with the content.. that is why I suggested to use folders instead of having it in subdomain. When you pull wordpress to subfolder (not the root one) all seo from wordpress will be driven to that youreshop.com/blog but when person comes to read about it he could see he is in shop.. and thats what I want.. it doesn’t matter if you have prestashop in root or in subfolder, combining those two things can be very good.. In all respect with your suggestion you can create subdomain and still make it looks like your wp is part of the shop but - your seo will be driven out from main domain (people can see it on google before they click on link)..We dont need to fight which method of installation wp (in subfolder or subdomain) give you best seo results, you can google it. I think prestashop should be in root and worpdress should be in /subfolder. Regards wordpress and hacking you said 'wordpress is hacked / cracked more than another platform on the internet' well I know for the fact that most dangerous cms on planet is joomla and if you ever tried to get in you will see what I mean.. however I agree with you that is is most widely used cms on planet and thats why so many hackers try to hack it but if you take care regards security updates, with no admin user name and good password then there is very little chance to get hacked - but I was thinking about all of this issue this days you can use some static blog like monstra cms or staticpress with google comments or other commenting service. Having no database with proper permissions reducing hacks nearly to zero.. however everything on web could be hacked even prestashop, well put it this way.. if you are able to get in via wordpress, then you will be able to get to the prestashop as well.. and as last thing.. I never bridge two cms into one (like dbs or coockies).. that is just very very bad idea! Regards 'What does wordpress really have that a blog plugin do not offer?' this one yap.. spam fighting is not even there, gallery (pics and videos) and nice permalinks for seo, theming, easy portability and backup process and other stuff.. I think thats just the base which is not there. I hope so, it is free plugin, however having eshop without blog is not very good. For everyone I just sharing my opinion however I am glad that I find this discussion I created wp install which could be on subdomain or subfolder I dont care, but to demostrate how it is looks like with prestashop basic theme you can see it here http://topfreelancer.co.uk/dev/fun/ ..some scripts not working as I use everything fetched from original prestashop demo eshop, but if you have your own install of prestashop and it is on same server they will work.. there are no sidebars as I did not put them up - Its just for demonstration that if you really want you can have the blog very easy with any prestashop theme and if you copy few css from ps theme into your wp theme stuff(this one use original ps demo shop files so I cannot edit them as I don’t host them) then you can tweak it to make posts looks as you need and don’t even need to touch prestashop theme (that was not possible with any prestashop blog mods/plugins in past but they maybe changed now.. I have no idea). If you have it on subfolder even shopping cart will keep stuff added in etc.. Sorry guys but blog mods/plugins for prestashop did not worked very well for me (in past) and some of them to get working was just night mare.. specially when I updated presta to newer version (I said in past and if that was changed then good, I wont offend or upset anyone, as it did not worked for me in past very well I did not look at them again) I just wont spend 2 days to figuring out what went wrong with the blog mod/plugin after update and then rewrite every time.. yah I am lazy in that kind of way
  7. Hi.. it is simple.. you can have blog in root or prestashop in root.. it is up to you.. you see, if you understand a bit of seo all products are your seo.. blog will just boost it.. and oposit way.. when someone type in 'product a' and you will have it in your shop they will find you.. but if you do blog about it your chances are higher as seo is driven via content what you have on your site.. dont get me wrong.. prestashop/blog is valuable as prestashop it self as you have site map and other things you can let know search engines hey I am here and I blogging about it.. google will see your product plus informations you put out so.. you understand hah? Blog is something which is changing constantly but shop will stay as it is.. for 3 months your shop will be okay but as soon as it is not giving valuable info your seo is driven away.. blog is great for seo.. no matter if you have it in root or /folder.. if you pull it on subdomain you will loose simple.. again you sould care where it is.. shop/wp or wp/shop is okay but wp.shop. is bad or another way.. shop.wp. that will be bad thing for you. Lets go back to topic as you understand - this is not about seo even I know we can discuss it long way as I can feel you have right knowledge about it Using a PrestaShop Theme Page as a Template for the WordPress Blog Portion of Site - this is possible quiet very easy.. and I think it is best way..
  8. Hi, I did not find any tutorial on web perhaps someone or me should write it one day EDIT: mimpro I did created wordpress theme from standard prestashop theme which uses original css and I was that lazy that I just use css files not even hosted in theme but on prestashop demo shop (so I cannot edit them however if you will copy few css files into wordpress theme you will be able to tweak them a bit if you does not like spaces, font sizes etc from original theme). This wordpress theme is without any tweaks except its own breadcrumbs which are in theme (plugin-less) I did not put sidebars on it however you can call sidebars with php and you can even use them in prestashop (if you hosting eshop and wp on same server) and this is with the scripts too.. (I have no prestashop install so I cannot show it but this will give you some glue). As all js and css are just fetched from prestashop live demo some things like search bar, language etc wont work but if you host everything on one server it will. All you needs is insert to prestashop menu link to blog (manually or some plugin) There is no bridge to prestashop what so ever.. which means wordpress have separate login, separate tables in database or separate database and separate backend (classic wp admin), so if you have someone for example, who is blogging for your blog, you dont need to give them even login to your eshop backend. If you want to see the blog how it looks like live with original ps demo theme click here http://topfreelancer.co.uk/dev/fun/
  9. personally guys it is easier to create separate wordpress install with prestashop theme integration.. its easy to create theme for wp blog from prestashop ready running shop..and best part is you can do it with any theme. I would suggest using blog (wp) as complete separate install without any bridging or messing with dbs or other scripts..
  10. Hi, well all I always do when client have eshop on what ever platform it is and he wants wordpress as part of the eshop for blog which is important for seo, I simply cleate theme for wordpress from existing prestashop theme.. it is not hard, and you have fully native looking blog 'inside' of the prestashop.. I always leave prestasop in root dictionary /public_html/ and then in prestashop you add to menu manually link to your worpdress which is installed in /blog folder (/public_html/blog/) once this is done I simply create theme with all links build in and the only part which will change is wordpress blog..visitors then not even know they are visiting blog running on another platform I do same stuff with osticket which is used for support tickets etc.. it is not that hard to modify those things..
  11. ahoj, produkty by ti mali ist aj obrazky.. akurad mas asi problem s temou. temy z presta 1.4 nie su kompatibilne s presta 1.5 nie je mozne ich pouzit.. asi preto ti to nejde. skusal si nahodit iba novy shop a produkty?
  12. cau, ja robim vzdy manualny upgrade.. vsetko zbackupuj a potom nahod novy shop.. to je len par minutiek.. a nakoniec importuj products.. a si done
  13. cau, myslim ze chces predavat member ship (clenstvo) na to prestashop nie je vhodne cms.. odporucil by som ti skor wordpress alebo drupal.. oba maju kvalitne zdarma a platene pluginy ktore ti daju tieto moznosti a co sa tyka stranok tak tam uz to zalezi len na tvojej fantazii..
  14. zdravim, ja moc interne stats v ps nepouzivam kedze nie su 'bohate' na zozbierane data. doporucujem pouzivat piwik alebo pokial mas vlastny server alebo vps tak awstats.. v pripade piwiku ti pride asi vhod plugin..da sa kdesi stiahnut a je tiez zdarma.. pokial sa ti nechce gglit tak ti plugin mozem hodit sem..(mam obe verzie pre 1.4.x a 1.5.x)..
  15. clovece ani by ma nenapadlo, ze sa da exportovany jazyk / preklad predavat.. a za 40 eur heh to je super.. staci vzdy najnovsiu verziu bezchybne doprekladat jazyk vyexportovat a predavat..lol
  16. kip

    pekne URL

    ja som kdesi tu na prestashop.com videl aj na to plugin.. skus to vyhladat pod nazvom clean url alebo pretty url
  17. ahoj, neviem co mas na mysli ze roztahane ale pokial sa ti zda stranka dlha tak mozes editovat css a trocha ju 'skratit'..k editacii ti postaci mozilla a firebug plugin v mozille.. tak si mozes urobit virtualne zmeny s okamzitym efektom bez trvalych nalsedkov.. az budes spokojna tak zemny priamo zapises manualne do css..
  18. ahoj, nie je zac inak neviem, shared hosting ako maju oni (websupport) akurad s multi-domenami (viac webovych domen na jednom serveri) a bez akychkolvek limitov stoji tu v uk okolo £120 na 3 roky.. alebo s limitom disku (500gb hdd ale ine ziadne limity tam niesu) od 0.80pi za mesiac..kvalita je zhodna ak nie lepsia.. len treba po anglicky hovorit.. na svk asi nic lepsie nie je zatial kedze je tam obrovsky monopol.. porozmyslam ci svoje hosting sluzby otvorim aj v svk jazyku..
  19. kip

    Http 500

    zdravim, zial tuto verziu prestashopu uz asi nik nepodporuje.. heh nainstalujte si najnovsiu verziu 1.5.3 (v sucasnej dobe pri pisani tohto prispevku)
  20. zdravim, ak je to pre integraciu blogu alebo fora tak je lepsie zobrat header a footer a css z prestashop temy a editovat temu blogu alebo fora...ak standardny iframe tak odporucam vyssie uvedenu techniku
  21. zdravim, ani mojim klientom to neslo.. resp niekolko dni islo a potom zase neslo a potom zase islo na par tyzdnov.. riesenie je jednoduche, zmenit hosting na nieco lacnejsie a hlavne kvalitnejsie..aj ked cp panel od hostingu asi nebude v slovenskom jazyku alebo hostovat svoj vlastny server pre klientov s virtualminom alebo vpsko..tieto moznosti su rovnako drahe ako unlimited hosting od websupportu akurad ked je to u velkej zahranicnej firmy tak kvalita sluzieb je uplne ina.. websupport je na urovni sluzieb k pomeru cena kdesi v 80tych rokoch..
  22. toto nie je problem s linuxom.. skor by som sa ta opytal ci to riesis cez localhost alebo to mas na normalnom hostingu, pretoze podobne problemy mozes mat na localhoste alebo na uplne zle nastavenom servri..
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