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  1. Using PS and having the same problem... it's been driving me nuts for the last hour!!!! I've tried everything from disabling extra languages to disabling all the taxes... nothing works... how the hell can this be a problem in a stable release?!?!?! Come one people, please fix it!
  2. Hey Amir... did you manage to complete the solution? I still can't believe this is not a standard option for the get go!
  3. Up+++ this is really absurd... we are in 2017 and this problem still doesn't have a proper solution! What gives prestashop people?
  4. Found the solution! After searching for hours on the web, I gave up and tried to fixed it on my own... BAM! Did it in 5 minutes! Here's the fix: copy the following files from mails/en to the folder of your language (ex: themes/yourtheme/mail/ro): order_conf_cart_rules.tpl order_conf_cart_rules.txt order_conf_product_list.tpl order_conf_product_list.txt And as Vekia mentioned, it is related to the Payment Module. In this case I was using the Cash on Delivery payment. This is a pretty shitty bug in PS because when you want to edit the email templates into other languages, the files mentioned above don't get copied in the specific language folder. Btw... thanks for replying so fast Vekia! Also speaking of email templates bugs... if I try to edit any email template from the admin (not the English templates) and hit Save, it screws up the formatting of all the email templates. Good thing I had them backed up locally. Anyone is experiencing this problem as well?
  5. Tried the solution above but it doesn't work on PS I've also tried copying the whole Core folder from and still nothing. Any other suggestions?
  6. Hey guys... I've just tested the last version on prestashop and despite the 2 errors bellow, it was working: Notice on line 72 in file /home/mashenka/public_html/adminshop/tabs/AdminSetNew.php [8] Undefined index: id_num Notice on line 80 in file /home/mashenka/public_html/adminshop/tabs/AdminSetNew.php [8] Undefined index: valid So to get rig of the errors I've added 2 variable declarations to test for the $_POST. I've attached the updated php file. Let me know if it works for others as well. P.S. this should be a standard setting for each product by default! Many shop owners disable specific products temporarily and when they enable them again they want their customers to see them as new products. So this is a must have feature IMHO.
  7. In urma cu ceva timp am creat un tutorial pentru a rezolva un mare neajuns la prastashop-ului si anume lipsa unui mod usor de a edita continutul paginii de contact, sii m-am gandit sa il impart si cu comunitatea RO de presta. Aveti aici link-ul catre tutorial: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/430454-tutorial-ps-16-adding-cms-content-to-the-contact-page/ Sper sa va fie de folos!
  8. Pana la urma care e cea mai actualizata traducere, cea de pe prestashop.com sau de pe crowdin.com? Si ar trebui stabilit odata pentru totdeauna modul de exprimare: formal sau informal? Pentru ca unele stringuri sunt gen "Sterge, Adauga" iar altele "Va multumim, Continuati etc." E aiurea pentru ca trezeste confuzie... eu unu sunt pentru exprimarea formala (la plural) pentru ca se preteaza in cele mai multe cazuri. Am dat si eu Join pe crowdin.com (astept aprobarea lui fram) si voi incerca pe cat posibil sa contribui la traduceri.
  9. That's why I explained what I did so people could take the principle and adapt it to their needs. If you know a bit about prestashop than you should know how to overwrite a core controller and add the code I mentioned above, that starts with global $cookie etc. Do some thinking my friend and try to figure out what to do. It's not hard since I've explained the logic.
  10. I've edited the first post. For some reason the original code was removed. Maybe it was too much code... Dunno. Use the php file attached to the first post and let me know if it works. Btw are you Romanian? You're username looks familiar.
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