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  1. Hi all, feel free to download new version of this module. Version 0.4: Fixed generating product's Meta description - now it works as expected Fixed issue with "You have an error in your SQL syntax" error message Added warning messages Cleaned and optimized code Just unzip zip file into the module folder. Tested on Prestashop Enjoy seoupdater 0.4.zip
  2. hi davers44, yes, you have right. It's not my module, I just add option to use this default functionality... in this case the module update meta_description to null and then PS will take short description and put it to the meta_description.
  3. Hi, after editing tpl files, you must set Force Compile = Yes and Use Cache = No under BO->Preferences->Performance
  4. Hi, problem is in your css file (try search product-list part there), or post url of your shop.
  5. The file is the same as mine. Try to revert the changes back and see if the error occurs again.
  6. After short look into code try this change in modules/seoupdater/seoupdater.php: line 290: $std_meta_description = str_replace($ignoredChars, '', strip_tags($product['description'])); replace with: $std_meta_description = pSQL(str_replace($ignoredChars, '', strip_tags($product['description']))); Hope, it help...
  7. k tpl suborom sa lahko dostanes (pokial ich nemas chranene) takto: www.shopname.com/themename/product.tpl alebo www.shopname.com/modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl Vyriesil som a chudak chalan ani nepodakoval. Nabuduce sa nanho vykaslem...
  8. Takze to bol nakoniec modul Nové produkty v1.0 (homenewproducts) - a bol aj prelozeny. Len si samozrejme nemal zapnutu kompilaciu. Druha vec je, ze po zapnuti kompilacie ti nezobrazuje celu uvodnu stranku. Chyba je prave v tomto module. Zapni zobrazovaie chyb v subore config/config.inc.php hned na zaciatku nastav: /* Debug only */ @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', true); a mal by si vidiet kde je chyba. Alebo odinstaluj ten modul.
  9. zabudol si mi do PM poslat link do administracie...
  10. Ked chces vymazat objednavku v administracii, tak musis do suboru admin/tabs/AdminOrders.php doplnit (riadok cca 37): $this->delete = true; Potom uz mozes zmazat vytvorene objednavky.
  11. v Nastavenia ->Výkon musis nastavit: Vynútiť kompiláciu: Áno Vyrovnávacia pamäť: Nie
  12. K tym tpl suborom je celkom lahky pristup. Ale napad bol dobry, mozno niekomu niekedy pomoze...
  13. now change the sizes also in themes/GreenTheme/css/category.css, line 2: body#category #subcategories li { height: 136px; margin-right: 3px; width: 108px; }
  14. have you set Force Compile = Yes and Use Cache = No under BO->Preferences->Performance ?
  15. tam som uz pozeral, v teme ten modul nema a v default module ma spravne {l s='Featured products' mod='homefeatured'}
  16. maybe you forgot add a comma. Correct definition is ... 'homeSize' => Image::getSize('home'), 'SubCatSize' => Image::getSize('SubCat')
  17. Hi, change also controllers/CategoryController.php file on line 133 - here you must add your new picture type: self::$smarty->assign(array( 'products' => (isset($this->cat_products) AND $this->cat_products) ? $this->cat_products : NULL, 'id_category' => (int)($this->category->id), 'id_category_parent' => (int)($this->category->id_parent), 'return_category_name' => Tools::safeOutput($this->category->name), 'path' => Tools::getPath((int)($this->category->id)), 'add_prod_display' => Configuration::get('PS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_DISPLAY'), 'categorySize' => Image::getSize('category'), 'mediumSize' => Image::getSize('medium'), 'thumbSceneSize' => Image::getSize('thumb_scene'), 'homeSize' => Image::getSize('home'), 'SubCat' => Image::getSize('SubCat') ));
  18. skus este pozriet do suboru modules/homefeatured/sk.php Alebo mi posli do PM pristup do Administracie a mozem sa na to pozriet ak chces...
  19. takze tvrdis, ze ked si prelozil Modul: homefeatured, tak ti to nefunguje? Mas zapnutu kompilaciu?
  20. je to modul homefeatured, ale v prekladoch modulov je 2x - ako predvoleny a v tvojej teme (pozri niekde naspodu stranky)
  21. Vynútiť kompiláciu: Nie Vyrovnávacia pamäť: Áno
  22. takze to je Modul: homefeatured
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