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  1. ok found it , at modules/customcontent/views/templates/hook find the correcthook you need to modify & add it there replace <a href="{$item->url}"> with : <a href="{$item->url}"target="_blank">
  2. Vekia & Whispar , thanks for your replys . i understand what part to add but i cant understand on what file do i find this line so i can add it...
  3. at my theme i have a custom content block with an img that redirect a link to another site, how do i change it to open the link in a new window or new tab instead of redirect it from my site? www.bike-trip.co.il the img next to the slide show. thanks, Yaniv
  4. vekia, when i add back to the categories page the layered navigation block it stuck the page swiching...
  5. i tried to have 10 products a page & tried 100 products a page i cant move between pages .... can any1 tell my why? check page like this one : http://www.bike-trip.co.il/store/index.php?id_category=28&controller=category&id_lang=7#/page-2 thanks, yaniv.
  6. do you need me tochange it to Use CCC for JavaScript ?
  7. http://www.bike-trip.co.il/store/index.php?id_category=122&controller=category&id_lang=7 check it out when i try to change to page 2 or 3 nothing happans(page loading symbol onlt) the same thing when im trying to chage it to 10 or 20 products a page any 1 can help me? yaniv.
  8. fixed it by adding more tabs to lines... now one more qustion, as you can see i use rtl support but how do i make the lines to be at the right side of the page and not the left?
  9. hi , i upgraded my site with a new theme, but now my product names are not complete how do fix it?
  10. when using a language with rtl support the slider doesnt show ' is there a way to fix it?
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