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  1. Hello, I want to put the stocks like in the images below. Green- in stock Yellow- Low Stock Red - No stock
  2. hi is classic but i dont now how to make more small the letters
  3. Hello anyone tell me how i can change the size of contact us ? is in red Thanks
  4. Hi, I want the site not the backsite Thanks
  5. Hello, does anyone know for in prestashop the dark mode??
  6. lo he encontrao +ero que tengo que hacer ahora?? muchas gracias
  7. yes i know but how i make this in catalog-> discount i dont no how make there
  8. Buenas! Alguien me puede decir como tirar la bandera de descuento en el carrito de compras?? Gracias
  9. Hello, Anyone can tell me how to remove the discount on the cart??
  10. Hello how i can change the name of discount is in red is the word Discount
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