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  1. Ok Here is what I did to get the security warning to stop. 1) Edited code for Livezilla to https: 2) Removed all advertising blocks. Would still like to be able to have these if anyone knows how. Now we do not see the Security Warning on secure pages. Thanks for the post
  2. Disabled Livezilla...it was causing it. Anyone know how to keep Livezilla and Ads and not have security warnings?
  3. I removed the advertising and still get Security Warning. Will Keep Digging. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Getting brain dead and tunnel vision. EBT
  4. Thank you! I will make those adjustments. Brad
  5. Hello, My [spam-filter] has created a shop at www.jens-mart.com When we look at the site from our computers everything seems to be working fine. When we have family members test it out they get a warning of the site not being secure. Additionally, we get a security warning when we go to secure sections (ie check out or account) Is this normal? We would appreciate if someone could look at the site and give any recommendations. We have a SSL certificate and have security turned on in Presta Shop. Thanks Brad
  6. Hello, Did you get a response to this? I am interested also.
  7. I just fininshed buying this product. I was having troubles installing due to my lack of experience in ftp. I contacted Tomer via chat and he got the thing up and running in no time. The product is a great and professional time saver! Recommend with hightest regards!
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