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  1. How to remove/hide password field from [guest chekcout]? I can continue checkout as guest but still need to hide password field. I change something from true to false in file customerpersist.php.
  2. I agree with you both. I talking about when i click [order as guest] still must to fill email password...
  3. Hello everyone. I just want to ask: How I can fully enable 'guest checkout'? I enabled it in backoffice, but when i try to buy without registration by clicking button, nothing happened. Still i see: registration form with requirements to fill places. Without filling i cant continue purchase. What exactly I should to do to solve this proble. I searched info in forums and etc, like everytime isn't something exactly.
  4. I hide category name from left side. And now in this place is Home icon>category>subcategory and etc.. i think is alright good.
  5. I think I caught more and more in this 'prestashop world' :d.. I talking about, i fixed more e-shop things without programming knowloadge. But this challenge I thing is hardest. Question: Is it possible to move the 'newsletter' (red marked) to the specified location (green marked)? I think I know since where would need to start solve this, but... It could cost too much time to solve. I will be grateful for any reply.
  6. Where I can find this css file, where i can hide this s**t?
  7. I don't understand what i should to do according to this. Nothing exactly isn't.
  8. How to remove product category title? I talking about green marked word in first screenshot. Please say in which tpl I can remove this title.
  9. Sveiki. Gal kasnors tiksliai žinote, kaip redaguoti contact us puslapį ir panaikinti 'store information' (parduotuves informacija) bloką? Suvokimo kaip redaguoti, kad pavyktų tai kas reikia nėra, bet numanymas kaip ir per kur ir kokius tiksliai failus reikia reguoti ir kaip rasti manau, kad žinau. Tai tik tiek. Pavargau googlint.. Nieko konkretaus pagal problema nėra kaip visad.
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