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  1. Are there any easy first steps to understand hooks? I don't mean running thru the whole manual, etc... But something one can do instantly only to see how it works. Something like a "Hello, World" for hooks.
  2. It seems you can't know for sure whether they are really OK. I tried to update twice or three times using 1-click update to get it working, and I only notices some things went wrong hours latter. It's alright to be superstitious here. Well, I managed to have all working by now. I wish you good luck.
  3. Do you mind getting in touch with the developer of the theme?
  4. As far as I understood, I guess I did something similar to this using pure SQL. It runs over a certain order, checks all the values of all products this order contains, and retrieves the total amount of each feature value. It returns something like this: +--------+----------+---------------+---------------+ | order | customer | featureATotal | featureBTotal | +--------+----------+---------------+---------------+ | 678952 | 5896 | 85 | 585 | | 678555 | 5158 | 212 | 412 | +--------+----------+---------------+---------------+ Let me know whether you want to see the code.
  5. I didn't migrate, but I have Presta installed on MariaDB and it works pretty fine!
  6. @endriu107 I have fixed the problem thanks to your tip. It was a problem with the translation modules. It's solved already.
  7. Where and how can I do this? I ask because I don't have access to the admin area.
  8. Hello, Out of nothing all of my PrestShop copies started returning error 500 when I try to access the admin module. The /store module is working fine. Clients can log, but admins can't. Is it happening to anybody else? The copies are on the same server, but in different folders. Best wishes.
  9. Olá. Desde que é possível usar diversas formas de pagamento, em qual tabela e campo fica a informação final de que determinada fatura (ou pedido ou carrinho) foi finalmente paga? Att.
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