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  1. Hey mate, any luck with adding label printing to your module. Outstanding work BTW!
  2. Sorry I have not been around at all. I would like everyone to consider this project DEAD from my supporting it standpoint. In February I switched my shop over to CS-Cart do to growth and some other factors therefore, I will no longer be supporting this module. The community is free to do with it as they like but I am working on other projects for the new cart and unfortunately I will not have time to develop the express checkout beyond its current state. I hope that there is someone in the community willing to take it over and make it better for everyone. Thank you for all the past support and good look with presta in the future! -ic
  3. Are you sure you have everything installed right? I cannot duplicate the issues you are having nor have I heard of any of these issues. Try re-installing everything from scratch. Could be something you changed by accident. Can you duplicate any of the issues on my test site??
  4. Been through that scenario several times with success. You most likely have a misconfiguration. Please ensure you have followed all the install steps and that all files are in their proper location. Also, please provide a URL. It would help in addition to provide the exact steps that were taken to produce this error. Thank you!
  5. This was a quick trade-off fix that I implemented. I will address this in my upcoming version. Hope it is working well for everyone otherwise. I appreciate all the nice feedback I've received.
  6. Is this supposed to work on 1.1? I cannot get the module to install. Thanks...
  7. Is the logo you put up larger than the previous one? Try rolling back the christmas logo to see if the problem goes away. Often times columns disappear when there are problems with 's or CSS. It's probably something really simple since all you did was change the logo....
  8. Not surprised. This was v1.0 and I am sure there is some random things like that, that I need to clean up....let me know where they are exactly and I'll take care of it for future release.
  9. I've never had one guest that didn't use their actual E-mail address. They all want to get their invoices and order emails at least but I guess the scenario you talk about is a possibility and if you think that would happen a lot you will have to build some logic in that will allow you to handle that but I am not sure exactly what the best practice would be for that. Maybe you could append the old email address with the last order number or something to make it unique....?
  10. Oh I agree 100% and did not think you were insulting at all, I am just reminding others here of some key points. Objectively, each store owner has to figure out what works best for them and one of the primary reasons for releasing it as freeware (besides the fact that I suck at coding) is that it might offer flexibility for everyone. I hope people make it work for their stores however they can. Personally I can't see paying for anything that should come standard for a cart. Might as well buy one of the commercial solutions if Presta is going to nickel and dime everyone. I can see people charging for some of the things but a lot of this stuff people are charging for is ripoff city...
  11. That's cool. Whatever works for you. As I keep saying, all that matters is if it converts. I know this one as is converts awesomely (at least for me), so I am happy with it personally but what might convert for my products might not for yours. Let us know how it works out!
  12. These are great mods but keep in mind folks, the more stuff you add, the more distractions you give the customer... hence, it's more likely they will abandon their carts. Keep distractions at the bare minimum. Most people wanting to use an express/guest checkout could care less about registering their account until they need to COME BACK and check the status. Just food for thought....again, there is no perfect checkout and to each their own but I like that others are tweaking it to their satisfaction but there are cons to making these types of changes. IMO it will hurt conversion rates.
  13. What exactly needs to be added from google to enable google-analytics? Is it just a javascript that needs to be run? Just enclose it in {literal} tags in the .tpl file and see if that works. I played with it briefly and it seemed to work but I was getting some mixed-content errors so I deleted it and never got around to messing with it again.
  14. Webmaster tools have been there for a long time. It used to show PR of your pages but they have abandoned it as a sign of things to come. Speed of your site will also be a huge factor in search results in the near future. Google always changes. Never stays the same....it's always something different from one year to the next. Used to be page rank, then # of links, right now quality of content and links instead of number of links, in the future speed and quality.. go figure.
  15. You have to export the sql database and import it into a freshly created presta database. If you are a novice with sql, your hosting company should be able to do it for you.