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  1. So finally have a work around for this error but this work around will only work if your only selling in a single currency: So in the cs_cardsave folder under the file cs_cardsave.php You need to change lines; 266 to $HashDigest.= '&CurrencyCode=826' ; (the code may differ depending on what currency you are using) then 298 to $parameters['CurrencyCode'] = '826'; Hope this helps.
  2. Hi did you manage to fix this for the person?
  3. Really beginning to wonder why people bother posting on here because there seems very little way in help and i'm totally shocked by the fact that i have now emailed the module person twice and still not had a response. If any one can help please let me know.
  4. Can anyone help with this? Can i be the only one with this problem?
  5. Hi, did anyone get to the bottom of the problem?
  6. Hi, i recently downloaded the cardsave module and installed it to my site, when testing i get the following error: CurrencyCodeerror - cannot find currency Now i have looked at the Payments tab and then in currencie and the currency i require GBR is listed and has a code of 826. Any suggestions, i have emailed the person who created the module but had no feedback yet.
  7. Hi, I have recently moved to a prestashop from an old shopping cart (none prestashop) and I’m wanting to be able to provide re-directs from my old site product pages and categories to my new friendly URL’s. Now my hosting provider has cPanel which allows me to write standard re-writes but nothing that uses the GET function. Can any provide an example: OLD URL: www.showerselector.co.uk/product_detail.asp?id1=554&cid581284265 To NEW URL http://showerselector.co.uk/shower-accessories/61-mira-pixel-digital-shower-remote-control-accessory.html Any help would be great.
  8. Hi, After upgrading to the latest version of prestashop i have noticed that a few modules no longer work and from what i can tell this is something to do with access levels provided my the hosting company i.e. 777 or 555, if i'm honest i have no idea what it's talking about and more reseach is need about this stuff by me. Any way long story short i want to move the site, now i can get a good deal with a company who provide windows hosting and i have afew questions before i jump; First is it a good idea in general? Any ideas on performance, is windows better than apache? Will i be able to use Friendly URL like before? If any one has an experiences would be great to here also if anyone has any recommendations of which hosting company to use then feel free to add your input.
  9. I managed to sort this by starting again and reloading the new version and this worked.
  10. Can anyone help? I have just upgraded to the latest version of prestashop, the front store displays the logo and the site maintenance text, so all good i think. But the back office lets you log in then it returns a blank screen in mozilla and in i.e. it's returning a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Has anyone come across this before and if so any ideas on how to fix it? Also i have turned the errors on and this is the error returned; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&' in /mnt/web1/20/20/52042920/htdocs/plyline/shop/cpanel/header.inc.php on line 44
  11. Morning, I'm in the middle of updating a site for a friend and i have come across my first problem in the process. Step 3 - When i go to launch the update script the styleing of the page is blank and the buttons are missing any ideas. I have attached a screen shot.
  12. Thanks for the fast reply, i'm not 100% sure on how much is bespoke i think very little, well i' hoping anyway. Cheers for the info.
  13. Hi Guys, A little update which brings further questions, by the looks of things the client is running a older version of prestashop as there isn't the option to turn caching on and off, so how do i find the version that he is running and also if i upgrade for him will it be compataible to just upgrade to the latest version or do i need to take it step by step with the upgrades. Thanks
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