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  1. I think its something with the database. Try to upload/ import a old backup in the database (a backup which adding attribute still worked) by using myphpadmin (But you must delete the old one firs) . If you havent any backup, then dont follow this advice!
  2. I cant find this solution in the bug tracker so I will give it a try here. When having a lot of product in the home featured it expands so much that its no longer parallel with the left and right menu/ hooker in INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0 BUT works fine with FIREFOX! I will attach a image to show what I mean.
  3. SOLVED, preferences->metatags-> password should be password.php, before it was direct on another file
  4. Well the only thing I change was the language directly in the html part. No, I didnt solved it, thats why Im asking here. (I always share my solution, just look in my old posts!) The thing is thats it works just fine as it is, except hotmail..... so I dont really know if it is a bug or just some hotmail issue for the moment.
  5. I dont know, but as fast as I write a customer name and press send, it says . You must wait 60 minutes before you can get a new pass. (I have waited more than 60 minutes, 1 day acutually) And i dont know why this have happend :/ Using V1.1 Thanks for a great commerce!
  6. A customer have forgotten his password. He tries to regenerate a new one in front office. But the system tells him to wait 60 minutes even thought it has been 2 hours. WHY?
  7. Well, When a customer order a item he receives a order confirmation by mail (order_conf.html) from Prestashop. Well it works great except, when the customer open it with hotmail the tables resizes. The customer can for 1 second see the whole order-confirmation table as it should be, before it resize so big it goes out of screen, leaving the customer to only see the half table. I havent solved this yet and need some help. (It works great in others mail such as gmail, yahoo, but not hotmail!) Much appreciated! Zigma Using V1.1 final
  8. I dont know, but how can it be more buggy than v1.1 (which is veeeery buggy)?
  9. Hi again, I have a link with id: cms=5 in prestashop. In The Short description in product catalog page I wants to add a short cut link to open a new windows linking to cms=5 . how do I do that?
  10. Well hello, I have2 product. Shirt- size Small and Large- RED colcor Shirt - Size medium - BLACk color When choosing size small I can also choose black color. But there is no vblack color for small (but the consumer can choose it because of the red color shirt are in the same catageroy as the black one). Is there a way to limit size small to only one color? EDIT: Well I solved this by writing SIZE/ COLOR in the attribut and then add the item instead adding color, then adding size etc , much easier doing so
  11. Well, it seems that Mr Lucas Cherifi Solved this problem. Can you please send the solution? Thanks so much!
  12. I want to do a maintenance on the shop by disable the shop but also wants to go to the front office. In BO there is this option : Maintenance IP: What are I supposed to write here? I dont really understand because eg if my shop are www.shop.com, whats the maintenance ip then?
  13. So has this issue been solved yet? It has been a while. http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/1479/ This only applies when having a attribute: eg: Buy: 1 Choose size: When removing the attribute l it works just fine.
  14. Google checkout seems interesting but its only for the uk and USA for the moment right? And how about the support?
  15. Thinking of adding paypal as a payment option, is it any good (refund, does it work etc...)? Many bugs? Is it safe for a live webshop? Thanks!
  16. When press show on a product it shows the reference nr in FO for less than 1 second and the dissapear quickly. This must be a bug, anyone have the solution? Cant find it in bug tracker...
  17. Ok! So I have a product with 3 attributes. Because I never have these (order from whosaler first when the customer buys ) product in stock I put Quantity: "zero" in back office on each of the product attributes Attribute1: Size 13 - 10$ - 0 in stock Attribute2: Size 13 -10$ - 0 in stock Attribute3: Size 13 -10$ - 0 in stock Displayed text when allowed to be back-ordered: Right now there is 0 in stock. You may make a order . ___________________ Ok so the customer can make a order BUT when clicking on the attributes to choose Size everythings is blank, the attributes with its size have vanished (mostly because I have set them as 0 in quantity). Can I make the attributes visible so the customer can make an order even thought there is 0 in stock? EDIT: SOLVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Display unavailable product attributes on product page: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Thanks, but couldnt find my bug on your link. But it will be usefull in the near future! =) http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/1211/ Thnaks it worked very good
  19. Have setup 0-0.250 kg = 3$ 0.251-0.500kg = 4$ 0.501-1 kg = 7$ One product is set to 0 in weight at the info tab. Then on it combination eg. size 31 I have set it at increasing weight at 0.250 kg When buying this item in FO the prestashop calculate the shipping cost to 4 $ even thought it should cost 3$ for a 0.250kg item! but when I change the item to 0.249 kg instead of 0.250, the prestashop calculate the shipping cost to 3 $ which is true according to the weight table and price. The same with buying 0.500 kg products, the prestashop calculate the shipping cost to 7 $. I dont understand is this a bug or somewhat? its just a small difference of 1 gram. Thanks in Advance!
  20. It was talk in a while that a module making it possible to make different freight/different item with possibility to give possible discount when buying XXX item. Is in development? Thanks!
  21. Finns/kan ngn hänvisa mig om det finns ngt man kan göra om man vill att när kunden har betalat så ska det stå med stora bokstäver "BETALD" på PDF fakturan automatisk (Den kunden själv kan ladda ned och kolla)? På detta sätt kan kunden själv använda detta som kvitto och skriva ut det. Tycker nämligen det är onödigt att skriva ut fakturan och skriva Betalt och skicka med produkterna.
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