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  1. @razaro: Thanks for your answer! Ok, thanks for the hint. I answered there because it was the most recent topic and the one which showed up when searching the forum (and also when using a search machine) and other topics linked to it. So I thought bundling the information in one topic would be a good idea. Also while users tend to update their installations, don't they? ­čśë So, would be adding information regarding version 1.7 to a topic that started with covering version 1.6 be ok or not? I couldn't find any information on how this forum handles stuff like this, have I overlooked it?
  2. Kann jemand ein Beispiel posten, wie diese Abfrage auszusehen hat? Bin noch neu hier und habe keine Erfahrung mit den Templates. Besten Dank!
  3. I'm an new Prestashop user joined the forum a week ago. I wanted to contribute to the forum by posting answers I was looking for. But until now neither of my posts got approvedÔÇŽ How long does it usually takes until a moderator approves an answer?
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