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  1. ok. thanks for reply. Maybe i am doing something wrong? can you explain how to do that right? Can you give some light how to do that?
  2. Hello there, I cant figure out how to do product combination. For example: I have a product and offer 3 diffrent packing types which are paid in adition to products type. packing type 1 - €0,00 packing type 2 - €0,35 packing type 3 - €0,50 When creating combinations with product, you need to specify each combination in quantaties. in this case it comes that i have more products... How to do this? Example: i have 25 coins to sell. On product page i want specify packing with difrent pricing: no packaging, coin holder and coin capsule in addition to coins price. Combinations dont work, if i do combinations it comes that i have 75 coins not 25... Anyone able to help with this?
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