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  1. Hi @SmartDataSoft, thank you very much for your answer! I checked this but I have also this configuration. I checked the source code of the page and I have the left column with the search component but it is empty. This is probably why is neede a module override to show results from this page or global as the search sidebar is dinamically populated on category ID Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I haver this (simple?) problem- I have my sidebar for product search created using the PS module "ps_facetedsearch" wll displayed on every products category of my store. Now I want to add it to my "prices-drop" page. I checked my theme prices-drop page (prices-drop.tpl) but this only extends my product-list.tpl page. Any idea about what I can do to grab my sidebar search on that page? Many thanks for every help ^^
  3. Hi everyone! I'm still sperimenting and working on PS. I have created a form with some fields I want to show / hide on with a switch like: array( 'type' => 'switch', 'label' => $this->module->l('Add a message?'), 'is_bool' => true, 'name' => 'message', 'id' => 'message', 'values' => array( array( 'id' => 'message_on', 'value' => 1, 'label' => $this->module->l('Enabled') ), array( 'id' => 'message_off', 'value' => 0, 'label' => $this->module->l('Disabled') ) ), ), array( 'type' => 'text', 'col' => 3, 'class' => 'text-field-width', 'label' => $this->module->l('Text'), 'name' => 'text', 'required' => false, 'lang' => true, ), and I want to show my input named "text" only if my switch is on "on" / enabled. I tried something like $(function() { $("#message").click(function() { if ($(this).is(":checked")) { $('input[name="text"]').parent().parent().show(); } else { $('input[name="text"]').parent().parent().hide(); } }); }); but is not working (the .js file in insiede a .js file that is working, I added other features to the form with js and are perfectly working so it is not a problem of file, relationship with js or others!). Any idea, advice and so on woulb be really appreciated! Thank you! ^^
  4. Hello and thank you! I changed my controller file like this: $id_customer=(int)$this->context->customer->id; $caed = CassyTestModel::getCaedData($id_customer); //var_dump($caed); $this->context->smarty->assign([ 'caed' => $caed, ]); return $this->setTemplate('module:myFirstModule/views/front/c-module.tpl'); and it seems working if on DB I have a text or integer value. As I need to display a date i got empty value on .tpl files and on var_dump a bool(false) results. The db value is a simple date like 2021-10-04 00:00:00 that I want to display like D - M - Y 00:00 Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! I've created a simple module to record some data in the db and it works well. Right now I'm trying to show some of these data in a specific user page. I've created a my-account.tpl file that link to a custom page (it works) and a file located file in controller --> front like this: public function initContent() { $caed = CassyTestModel::getCaedData($id_customer); parent::initContent(); $this->setTemplate('module:myFirstModule/views/front/c-module.tpl'); } that call a function that is: public function getCaedData($id_customer) { $sql = new DbQuery(); $sql->select('caed_number'); $sql->from('caed_table'); $sql->where('id_customer = ' . (int)$id_customer); return Db::getInstance()->getValue($sql); } And I need to show in in my tpl something like: {extends file='page.tpl'} {block name='page_content'} <div class="col-md-12"> <h2>{l s='Caed models' mod='caedmodels'}</h2> {if isset($caed)}<p>"{$caed}"</p> {else} <p>NO DATA</p> {/if} </div> {/block} The tpl is really basic as I just need it to work well but I don't understand where I'm getting wrong. Sorry if the questions could be silly, it is my first approach on PS Thank you ^^ CC
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