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  1. I have desperately tried to change my receiving and sending email for customer service without any luck. I have changed it under employees, store contact and I have cleared cache manually but I do for some strange reason still receive the customer messages on my other shop mail I once used to install the prestashop. I have also checked the module mail notification settings and EVERYWHERE the email has been changed - but I still receive messages to my other mail adress. Please assist as it is very important that I get this changed but do not know how to. The domain is: www.droneland.dk Thank you very much in advance!
  2. I found it and turned it off - now it is working thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
  3. Sorry I am not that technical and do not know what ccc is first time I hear it. Can you guide me in backoffice what I have to do? Thank you so much for looking at my problem I really appreciate is.
  4. It is showing now on mobile phones only. I had disabled it before. Also there is a link in the bottom to go to the mobile theme.
  5. Hi Yesterday I noticed that all of a sudden after I changed my logo that the mobile version of my site www.droneland.dk looked broken. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is and how I can fix it? I look forward to hear from you since it is very important I get the mobile theme working properly. Until yesterday it was working perfect. I use defailt template and version
  6. product images show question marks on latest version on standard template. My site is: smartwatchonline.eu. why arent product images showing? I have tried regenerating but it did not help. What can i do?
  7. I have the problem on all product images not showing on my site on: wwww.smartwatchonline.eu they only show question mark. I use latest version and standard template . What can i do?
  8. I have bought the Health Life theme and trying to insert the cms pages in the Horizontal Category Menu - but there is no option in the module which enable you to do so. The Horizontal Category Menu fits to the template and would like not to install other modules which might not fit. My question is: how do i add cms pages to the Horizontal Category Menu? Looking forward for any reply
  9. Hi all I am a web shop owner with 6 shops whereas 2 of them are with Prestashop and rest are with Magento. I simply can not figger out which one i prefer most. Prestashop is fantastic to work with and fast working but Magento make your shop appear like Amazon.com but is slooooow to work with which can be a real killer productivity wise. So I was thinking if anybody have conducted some marketing research on which shop system actually converts best on the customer front? That data would determine my choice of shop system. What is your experience and point of viw - which system converts best?
  10. what if i disable the addon while seo friendly urls are off and turn on the addon again when seo friendly is set to on?
  11. Hi all I have just changed my url to SEO friendly urls and after some modifications it works. BUT All my old “I like” posts on my site is lost not saved from m y customers when seo urls are turned on. The strange thing is that when i turn seo freindly urls off the I like data from customers come back. HOW do I get the I like data to show on product pages when SEO friendly urls are turned ON? I consider I like posts from visitors a very important marketing tool so hope ypu can help me Thanks in advance
  12. Where is the data from all the Facebook "I likes" saved at? I am trying to find out why when i have seo friendly urls on - all old "I likes" are gone from customers but when seo friendly urls are off the old data is gone....my questions how do I get the data to show when seo friendly urls are on - where is the data going?
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