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  1. i want when i did modification in my files with FileZilla then push it to my branch.

    we work right now with Git, everyone has a branch and each one has server FTP the changes are done just local and push it to Git but when we make modifications in FTP (FileZilla) we don't know how to save the work in GIT

    is it possible to transfer modifications add in my server to git ?

  2. 8 hours ago, hshaker said:

    dans le cas comme ceci j'export les tables db du module concerné et j'import les db après la mise à jour

    Example We are working on this "Registration" page and making some changes


    this page origin of Prestashop



    And this the changes 




    Note: This is just an example and I found the solution and I mean in other modules when i press upgrade this what i get and I have it .zip  





    When I does the copy and paste I lost my work




    20 minutes ago, Crezzur said:

    all our regular customers are running on the latest versions.  We help them with the updates so that they don't have to spend time on this themselves.  We have been using this update strategy since 2013

    Thank you for your good words 😃

    one more question 

    Why in detail Ja MarketPlace I bought, for example, the latest version is 1.7.5?
    I have to buy it again or what?

    Opera Instantané_2021-09-14_153042_addons.prestashop.com.png




  4. thanks 😃

    7 minutes ago, El Patron said:

    1.7.7 but it's down to PHP level

    I think it's not down, php level in 1.7.5 is 7.1 or later and php level in 1.7.7 is 7.3?


    4 hours ago, ChOmar said:

    and why I should update?

    Please tell me I must upgrade or stay with my version if it's fine?

  5. 41 minutes ago, El Patron said:

    Hi, make a copy of your production shop, in a subdomain.  Then perform upgrade to ensure it goes smoothly.  There is a process for upgrade, create test, perform upgrade, then move production to another subdomain, move your new upgraded shop to your domain, import orders customers and any other changes into your new production system.  

    you will learn a lot using this process and make you a better shop admin in the future.

    Here is PS guide on upgrade process, it may differ somewhat from above but our agency has a lot of upgrade experience.



    Thanks man, which one better 1.7.7 or
    and all module works in this version?

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