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  1. Hi sorry for the late answer, I am in production I do not want to add rows in database if i do not need it. But you can test your module in a clean installation with only one language installed. Thx
  2. Hi NemoPS, only 1 language... and i don't have a module called psograph (for the second question).
  3. Hi I bought your module and contact you (2 times) from your store (postscriptum) without receiving an answer: The Order ID is CDUWKHAGO Request 1: Hi, I've installed the module on a clean PS but the function to count the chars left does not work. In console i have this error: psseobooster.js:158 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined at updateSnippet (psseobooster.js:158) at HTMLInputElement. (psseobooster.js:93) at HTMLInputElement.dispatch (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:3) at HTMLInputElement.r.handle (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:3) The row 158 of your psseobooster.js is: var field_lang = source.attr('class').replace('translatable-field row lang-', ''); I have only one language in my store. Request 2: Hi, i saw an issue with your getCustomImage method. There's a wrong path in row 2352: Why module psograph is called ? Please send the correct version Thanks.
  4. PS 1.7 requires CSPRNG PHP library. This library is in PHP 7 by default, but not in the previous version of PHP. For the previous version of PHP there's a porting of this library: https://github.com/paragonie/random_compat Just to test, I downloaded the library, then I've put the library in my web server (for me in home/xxxxx/) Finally, I changed the index.php, /install/index.php, /admin/index.php, /admin/ajax.php, /modules/welcome/welcome-api.php by adding on top of each file the require_once to the library file random.php: require_once("/home/xxxxx/random_compat/random_compat-2.0.4/lib/random.php") So I was able to install the PS 1.7 But I think we need the opinion of the PrestaShop team ... I can not find the requirements to install the new version, I do not have php 7 and I think that most of you are in the same situation. LAST MINUTE UPGRADE: you can add the require_once only at the top of config/config.inc.php
  5. Hi, we have to consider the version just released ad announced as a Beta ? Or is a final version ready for production ?
  6. Hi, this module print the return label ? I saw in the release 1.1.2 there was * Fix for return label printing... this option is available on the release 1.2.3 ? Best regards
  7. Hi, someone has experienced of receiving a generic "fatal error" message when the module is enabled ? I have used the module without any problem for a long time but since yesterday if i try to enable the module i receive this message and the site does not work Thx
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CMghNq9a5E Module: Fast and Easy Size Chart Description: The module let you create in a few clicks size charts for your products. The size charts are fully customizable, you can add/remove rows and/or columns with an easy to use visual tool. The size charts can be linked to one or more categories so all the products that are in the same category will show the size chart. You can also create a size chart for a single product. Features: Unlimited size chart groups Enable/disable size chart Size chart linked to one or more categories Visual tool to add and remove rows and/or columns to the size chart Show image with size chart Multilanguage Simple installation, no core modification Technical support Price and more information: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/19632-fast-and-easy-size-chart.html
  9. I've the same problem with yen because yen is a currency without decimal, and my solution is to override the method ps_round of class Tools by reset the precision: public static function ps_round($value, $precision = 0) { static $method = null; // Added code to get the currency in use $context = Context::getContext(); if($context->currency->iso_code_num == 392) $precision = 0; // Added code to get the currency in use if ($method == null) $method = (int)Configuration::get('PS_PRICE_ROUND_MODE'); if ($method == PS_ROUND_UP) return Tools::ceilf($value, $precision); elseif ($method == PS_ROUND_DOWN) return Tools::floorf($value, $precision); return round($value, $precision); } This work for me.
  10. Hi Nsweb, i think disabling the cache is not a real solution. Cache is used for better performance, I hope in a Prestashop [spam-filter] or moderator answer, as i read in many posts this is a real problem for many people. Thx
  11. Hi Wizart , i've the same issue, many files inside the cachefs/0,1,2,ecc.. ecc... most of them have the same content (b:0;) and the same lenght (4bytes). The difference is that i've the last ps verison installed ( This is a big problem for any kind of backup infact i have exluded the cachefs directory from the daily backup in my server. Someone can suggest a solution ? Why PS does not delete files older than X days ?
  12. In block layered i have only changed the blocklayered.js with the modified version downloaded from http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/232911-module-infinite-ajax-scroll-d%C3%A9filement-infini-en-ajax/?do=findComment&comment=1225025 Classes and ids are ok. In your installation, pages after the first are appended to the page nr 1 ? Have you an url that show the module at work ? Thx
  13. Hi icydrago.. just tried in a clean installation of PS and default theme but the module doesn't work at all. There's something to change in the module configuration? Pls help. Thx
  14. After many test... downgraded to paypal version 3.6.1 and now all is ok.
  15. Hi to all, i've (again) a problem after the upgrade of the paypal module to 3.6.5 version in a Prestashop The issue is only for customers from China: PayPal response:TIMESTAMP -> 2014-02-01T21:27:13ZL_ERRORCODE0 -> 10736L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal CodeL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error PayPal response:TIMESTAMP -> 2014-02-01T21:27:13ZL_ERRORCODE0 -> 10736L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal CodeL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error I do not use express checkout, but i use one page checkout, i use states in china and i've also downloaded the localization pack for china with the control that, during the creation of the account, the state is selected. Apparently the issue is caused when paypal returning back to the site for the final confirmation of the order... the name of the address is always "Paypal_Address" and the state field is empty Someone is having the same problem? Please help. Thx
  16. Found it the problem is this function: getOrderTotalUsingTaxCalculationMethod called as callback of the column 'Total' in the list viwe of all carts: 'total' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Total'), 'callback' => 'getOrderTotalUsingTaxCalculationMethod', The function is slow beacuse for every cart make the sum of the price of all products and add also the rules (if present). I think there's no solution for now if you want the "real" total cart!!! But a reply from a Prestashop [spam-filter] would be appreciated
  17. Hi, sorry if I re-open the thread marked as [solved] but for me the access to the BO page Customers->Shopping cart is drammatically slow. Consider that i have a dedicated server where only one shop is running and the performance are very good. I saw that the list of shopping cart is created with a query that require approx. 3 sec to execute, in AdminTabControllor: I've try to clean the ghost shopping carts (carts where i don't have an id_customer and carts not finalized to an order) now i've only 2199 finalized/confirmed carts but the page still loading very slow. Someone can suggest me which is the class or the method that I can check to resolve this problem? The version of my PS is Many thanks
  18. Hi, How is possible to have the breadcrumb, in the product page, with the associated manufacturer name before the product name ? Thx
  19. An alternative method is using array_merge, you have to override AdminController with: public function renderForm() { if (!$this->default_form_language) $this->getLanguages(); if (Tools::getValue('submitFormAjax')) $this->content .= $this->context->smarty->fetch('form_submit_ajax.tpl'); if ($this->fields_form && is_array($this->fields_form)) { if (!$this->multiple_fieldsets) $this->fields_form = array(array('form' => $this->fields_form)); // For add a fields via an override of $fields_form, use $fields_form_override if (is_array($this->fields_form_override) && !empty($this->fields_form_override)) $this->fields_form[0]['form']['input'] = array_merge($this->fields_form[0]['form']['input'], $this->fields_form_override); //$this->fields_form[0]['form']['input'][] = $this->fields_form_override; $helper = new HelperForm($this); $this->setHelperDisplay($helper); $helper->fields_value = $this->getFieldsValue($this->object); $helper->tpl_vars = $this->tpl_form_vars; !is_null($this->base_tpl_form) ? $helper->base_tpl = $this->base_tpl_form : ''; if ($this->tabAccess['view']) { if (Tools::getValue('back')) $helper->tpl_vars['back'] = Tools::safeOutput(Tools::getValue('back')); else $helper->tpl_vars['back'] = Tools::safeOutput(Tools::getValue(self::$currentIndex.'&token='.$this->token)); } $form = $helper->generateForm($this->fields_form); return $form; } }
  20. Re-open this topic... someone has found an external module to define a cart with expiration time ?
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