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  1. Many thanks for this information, this is very interesting! If these are still the current Prestashop rates, they are in fact better than the standard rates. But these are not the rates which are shown when you go to the signup page advertised by Prestashop which can be seen here Presta conditions. So this still needs clarification from Prestashop side. This statement from Moneybookers is interesting, because it differs from the information which is shown here Moneybookers fees. If you go to the section additional fees information, you can see that starting from 1st of April a Gateway usage fee of 19.95 € per month applies. So this also needs clarification from Prestashop side.
  2. Hi mirifica, obviously I completely misunderstood your posting, my apologies for this! To come back to the topic of this thread: I found this press release of Prestashop and Moneybookers Press release. Interesting is this sentence "Through this partnership, merchants using PrestaShop will be able to receive optimized rates on Moneybookers' services.". So PLEASE prestashop team explain us in which way the rates are optimized. Looking at the published numbers doesn't help. This forum has 4 moderators. If none of them can answer this question, this question should be forwarded to somebody who can answer it. In my opinion this is necessary for the sake of transparency.
  3. Hello mirifica, this is the nature of a forum: somebody has a question and opens therefore a new topic. Normally people only reply if they can answer the question. Of course everybody is free to post if he like, even if he can't answer the question, but this doesn't make much sense. But the most important thing is: the answer should be polite. Check your first answer again and then ask yourself if this is the case. You start with "very funnny" and close with "If you take into consideration the time you spent evaluating and comparing these offers, you already have a non-recoverable loss.". You obviously make fun of me what I find offensive. So you shouldn't be surprised about my answer.
  4. This doesn't answer my questions not at all, I can calculate myself.
  5. If would be nice if someone of the Prestashop team could answer this question. Thanks, Tommy
  6. Hi, I'm interested in using the Moneybookers module. I've read in another thread that it's possible to signup at Moneybookers using this link Presta conditions. I've compared the conditions shown on this page to the standard conditions shown here standard conditions: Standard 2,9% + 0,25€ Gateway usage 19,95€ per month (starting 1th of April) Presta 2,99% + 0,23€ Gateway usage ? What's the reason for these slight differences concerning the fees? How much does the Gateway usage cost using the Presta conditions? Thanks, Tommy
  7. Hi, I need to make some changes in php files located in the shop root (product.php, etc.) and also in some classes. What's the best way to do this, so future version upgrades are as hassle free as possible? Thanks! Tommy
  8. Hallo Coco, ich verwende nicht die API, sondern PayPal v1.7.1. Daher kann ich Dir leider nicht weiterhelfen. Gruß, Tommy
  9. Thanks for your reply! The case mentioned at kavoir.com seems to be a problem in the Paypal production environment, so in my opinion this is a different case. The test user in the sandbox environment hasn't got any limitations, credit cards work without problem. I guess this is a sandbox specific problem which can probably be ignored but I wanted to make sure that this is the case.
  10. Hallo, ich habe Probleme beim Testen in der Paypal Sandbox: Ich verwende das Paypal-Modul von Prestashop, bestelle etwas im Shop, wähle Paypal als Zahlungsmittel und werde dann zur Paypal-Sandbox-Website weitergeleitet. Bei Paypal logge ich mich ein, wähle "Lastschrift" als Zahlweise und klicke auf "Bezahlen". Es erscheint dann folgende Fehlermeldung: "Diese Zahlung kann nicht abgewickelt werden, weshalb Ihr Konto noch nicht belastet wurde. Wenden Sie sich für weitere Informationen an Ihren Händler." Wähle ich anstatt Lastschrift eine Kreditkarte zum Bezahlen, klappt alles. Ich verwende ein deutsches Händler- und Kundenkonto. Im Kundenkonto ist ein verifiziertes Bankkonto, das für Lastschrift freigegeben ist. Hat jemand eine Idee, woran das liegen könnte? Danke im Voraus. Gruß, Tommy
  11. Hi, I've got a problem with testing in the Paypal sandbox: I use the Paypal module in Prestashop, execute an order, choose Paypal as payment method and I'm redirected to the Paypal sandbox website. I login on the Paypal sandbox website, choose "Direct Debit" (German "Lastschrift") as payment method and click on "Pay". Now the following error message is displayed "This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information." When I use a credit card instead of direct debit, everything works fine. I'm using a german business and customer account. The customer has a valid bank account which is allowed for direct debit. Any ideas what could cause the problem? Thanks! Tommy
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