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  1. I solved my own issue. In the BO I changed the address format for the specific country to: firstname lastname company address1 address2 city State:name postcode Country:name phone
  2. Hello community, I am having issues with my US customers when it comes to the Shopping Cart Summary. The city is not being displayed for delivery and billing addresses located in the United States. Addresses from other countries are displayed correctly. This issue causes a lot ofabandoned cart in both of my stores. I am currently running v. Please advise if you know how to fix this issue. Thank you!
  3. Thanks deepee and Bill. My 301 redirects are now working fine. This post is a "must" fora successful SEO campaign.
  4. Thanks for the info. I downgraded back to v3.4.7 and I am in business once again.
  5. Hello PrestaShop community, I am using PS 1.5.4 and I updated to the new paypal module version 3.4.8. When trying to add an item to my cart I am getting the following popup error message: textStatus: 'error' errorThrown: '' responseText: I had to disable the paypal module in order to get my shopping cart working again. Please advise if there's a real fix for this issue. Thank you!
  6. Your first time client would see the field when using firefox. The issue you'are experiencing is related to your cache and history within the browser. Try to clear your cache: History > Clear Recent History
  7. Hello PrestaShop community, I am having an issue with the tags block. When I click on a tag from my front office it brings me to a search results page. From the search results I see only one "unknown" product listed. The picture of the product is a question mark. After clicking of this product it brings me back to the search results page with the "unknown" product. I was hoping to use the tags block to manage my SEO campaign more efficiently. Please advise how can I fix this issue. Thank you.
  8. Just like vekia mentioned it must be a cache / cookies issue. From the Firefox menu click on Start Private Browsing and try to complete checkout. The vouchers field should be shown. Clear your cache and delete your cookies.
  9. I installed the new stripe v0.9.4 and had no issue to accept payments in test and live modes. However there was empty square beside the "Card Number" field. In order to remove it I had to delete <a name="stripe_error"></a> from the payment.tpl file. Since the ammendement I have had 12 stripe payments sucessfuly processed. Can the .tpl change create problems later on? I am using Prestashop
  10. The option to saved cc info works in live mode. Try to reinstalled to module manually from the ftp client. That's what I had to do to get the module working.
  11. I'm running on Prestashop v1.4.7.0. I have enabled the CC saved option and it works like a charm. My only problem is that clients create duplicate orders and payments thinking the first Stripe transaction did not go thru. If I could redirect the successful payment to the order page they would notice the initial order. Hence no need to refund those duplicate payments. Thanks for your interest.
  12. I have successfuly installed the Stripe free module. It works perfectly in Live and Test mode. Once a payment is successfuly processed it takes the customer back to the homepage. I would like to redirect customers to the order page (website.com/history.php) instead of the homepage. Where and how should I edit the script? Thank you, tsaf11
  13. Solved it by uploading the Stripe module manually thru my ftp client. I am currently running Prestashop
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