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  1. Hello everybody! I have a hard time understanding how Prestashop split the files and what each one of the theme templates files does. Can anyone give me a tip? (In addition to the main ones as: index.tpl, catalog / product.tpl, catalog / listing / product-list.tpl, checkout / cart.tpl, and checkout / checkout.tpl). Thank you
  2. @SmartDataSoft Is it possible to do the same but with a cycle that counts all the sub-categories and adds the table to the last sub-category? Because it may happen that categories are added in the future and I would like to avoid changing the .tpl file every time. Thank you
  3. @Danny I have installed a new version of PHP and everything restarted normally, thank you.
  4. @Danny Fino a ieri andava, non ho cambiato ne versione di PS nè quella di PHP, come può di punto in bianco non andare bene la versione??
  5. @SmartDataSoft This is the result I get:
  6. It is not solved, but if it hits the if loop I should replace it with a foreach loop, as the subcategories are not always 4, so I would like it to count the subcategories and when I reach the last one, print the table. I would have asked in yesterday's discussion, but since it came out in this one, I take advantage of it. But I've already tried doing a foreach loop, but it doesn't work for me
  7. I put isset() to line variable 35, but it didn't solve, did I write wrong ?? {if isset($category.image.large.yrl)}
  8. @SmartDataSoft Sorry, but I can't figure out what's problematic. The file was not touched except from line 45 onwards. Below is the image of the Category-header.tpl file
  9. @SmartDataSoft The only change I made was in the "Category-header.tpl" file, but that's not what gives me the problem. I activated the debugger as recommended and doing the action that gives me problems gives me the error you see in the image below. (Unfortunately I still don't have this knowledge from understanding something, by any chance would you be able to help me? I would be grateful)
  10. Hello everyone!! Browsing my test shop in Prestashop, until yesterday, clicking on "All products" in the product showcase made me a list of all the products. This morning, always clicking on "All products" makes me enter the "HOME" category but without any product list. Would anyone know how to help me ?? Below I leave an image so as to better understand the situation. Thanks in advance for who will answer. PrestaShop version: PHP version: 7.4.21
  11. @SmartDataSoft It worked great !! I had to change from 3 to 4, but this is a detail that depends on the situation. Thank you very much!
  12. Sure! This is the final result (one of the last sub-categories where I have to view the table). The others you see in the path above do not have to show the table.
  13. Hello everybody! I am new to Prestashop, and I must admit that I know very little about PHP. I was asked to add a table on a product page in the subcategory. The categories are divided as follows: Home / Products / Boxes / Boxes model. Now, I was able to add the table in the desired position by working in the Category.tpl file, but the problem that I encounter, and that I cannot solve, is that in addition to putting the table in the last subcategories, it also displays it in the sub-categories previous categories. My request is: could someone help me in making sure that the table is displayed only in the last subcategory ??? I assume I have to do a condition with a foreach in the Category.php file, but besides not understanding how to do it, I'm not sure it's the right solution. Thanks in advance for those who will answer. PrestaShop Version: PHP Version: 7.4.21
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