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  1. Salut , vous pouver indique ou est la fonction qui va prendre les IDs ( $this-getProducts(ids)) ?
  2. employee variable is 'NULL' while I'm a superAdmin Connected
  3. thank you, but how to call this file inside my module main php file ?
  4. i try it this code but t give me no employee login in while im logged in , any idea ?
  5. im overriding the Admin\Product\CatalogPage\Lists\product_table.html.twig and i added new columns in the table but i wanted to ristrect this columns for certain profiles (admin & super Admin) the problem is that i don't have access to the connected employee data, Any Ideas ?
  6. i have created a symfony controller and i added a button in the toolbar , my problem is i want to add attribute like id or class to this button any help ? this is the button
  7. @ndiaga thank you again, that actually what i think also , but at first i though i can maybe override the \controllers\admin\AdminStoresController.php ,and make the store accept multiple images but i got stuck.
  8. !DB::getInstance()->execute($q) NOT !DB::getInstance()->execute($sql)
  9. Hello ,Thank you for your replay, im actually talking about stores , under Dashboard -> Parameters -> Contacts -> Stores , by default Prestashop give you the ability to add 1 image / store , I need multiple images per store
  10. Hi, what do i have to change that can make a store have multiple images
  11. I SOLVE IT MYSELF. check table and from there you can see a field you can manage it from, so in my main module php file i create a query that update my tab position . hope that help anyone.
  12. i create a custom back office menu tab, but the problem is that this tab is appearing in the bottom of the menu i want it to be in certain position , for example after the SELL tab , and thank you.
  13. SOLUTION THAT WORKED FOR ME: $tab->class_name = "something"; in your routes.yml after the _controller: 'your-module\Controller\ControllerClass::YourAction' add this _legacy_controller: 'something' //(same thing that you write in the $tab->class_name with quotes) _legacy_link: something //(same thing that you write in the $tab->class_name without quotes) HOPE THIS HELP SOMEONE
  14. Hi, i created a FrontController and im handling my ajax requests inside of it. in some case i need to redirect the user to the login page base on the ajax requests data. im using to redirect but it return the page content to the js success function . here my code and thank you.
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