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  1. Though the post is quite old, i thought i might add something to it for reference to new members. As from 1.1.2011 VAT in Greece is 23% for products. Also Greece has some areas with diminished VAT (16%) that must be used for invoices when the buyer's company is registered in those areas. Usually the buyer uses the checkout extra instructions field to let the shop know if this is the case The receipt and invoices issued by Prestashop do not cover the legal requirement for Greece, so they are considered pro-forma invoices with the understanding that the real receipt/invoice will accompany the goods. What Powered referred to as company receipt, is in fact an invoice. Main difference is that while in the receipt you don't need customer's data (IRS reg. number, etc.) in an invoice you do! without the complete data the company will not be able to put it on his expenses. For this to work in Prestashop, adding the ability of custom fields in the customer registration form and a receipt/invoice selector in the checkout process would cover the issue.
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