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  1. Thank you M.N - this is amazing. I have tested it today on a few countries and it is working. A lot of people are experiencing trouble with this so I am noting the steps I have taken to help (sorry if they are obvious to some): 1. International - VAT - using country VAT code, enable that tax 2. VAT - TAx Rules - Set up Tax Rules Group (i've just called mine EU VAT) 3. Select the Group - add Tax Rule - add each of the set up countries to this group 4. Catalog - Products - Pricing tab - VAT rule - add the EU VAT rule to each product in your catalog. Thank you so much. LC
  2. Also searching for an answer for this. I don't even understand how creating individual price rule for each country for each product would look like in-store; surely this would duplicate the product X number of times on the website? There are 'specific price conditions' under pricing in the product set up, but this only allows you to add a discount as a rule not a VAT rate? I have been researching this for some time now but no one seems to know how to do it. Surely Prestashop have a solution?
  3. We have a WELCOME discount code with an X% off if they subscribe to our newsletter (its used once) - so we have their details to send weekly email campaigns (updates + offers) to. So you can do both. If you're a new brand, some ppl will act on an incentive for a first purchase. It really depends on the business + costs I guess.
  4. You can create and provide them with a specific discount code - say 10OFF.Set up the parameters/ criteria for the purchase in: CATALOGUE/DISCOUNTS. Its a really useful tool (you can set how many are available per customer/ limit the uses to a particular email address or use an end date for example). Browse that section and toy around with the settings.
  5. Hi - I am also researching this problem. Testing Austria VAT as an example, I have set the Local TAX rate in VAT section / then applied the excl VAT in one product (you would expect this VAT rule would simply apply it to you products/ store but no it only shows INCL VAT @ £0.00) You can only select one country at a time from the drop down menu (Austria works great!) - so how do you set it for X number of EU countries?! Obvs only being able to set one is not the solution. Screenshots attached. Help?
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