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  1. Hi, Do you know some good tutorial how to implement this? I’m not familiar with prestashop, but I’m willing to learn. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm using prestashop I would like to attach an unsubscribe to newsletter link to the confirmation message sent to the customer. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Robert
  3. Hi, I'm using prestashop Is there a way to generate an unsubscribe to newsletter link and attach it to the confirmation link sent to the customer? Thanks, Robert
  4. Hi, Is there a version that is compatible with PS Thanks, Robert
  5. @vekiacan you help me with the above question please?
  6. Something like this: <div id="search_widget" class="search-widget" data-search-controller-url="{$search_controller_url}"> <form method="get" action="{$search_controller_url}"> <input type="hidden" name="controller" value="search"> <input id="search-input" class="input-search" type="text" name="s" value="{$search_string}" placeholder="{l s='Search our catalog' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}" aria-label="{l s='Search' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}"> <button id="search-button" type="submit" onmouseover="setFocus()"> <i class="material-icons search">&#xE8B6;</i> <span class="hidden-xl-down">{l s='Search' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</span> </button> </form> </div> <script> function setFocus() { document.getElementById("search-input").focus(); } </script>
  7. Hi, You need to declare this function in you ps_searchbar.tpl: ``` function setFocus() { document.getElementById("element_id").focus(); } ``` you need to call this method "onmouseover" in your html.
  8. Hi, I added a script in ps_searchbar.tpl file which sets the focus programmatically.
  9. Hi, I'm using prestashop I would like to add more phone numbers to the Store Information section in the footer. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Robert
  10. Hi, I would like to do something similar, added the above CSS to my local install and when I click on the search button, instead of open the text input, it submits the search data. What can I do in this case? Thanks, Robert
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