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  1. Hi i have a prestashop site with many categories and products version 1 click upgrade not working and if it does will take over a week If someone can get this upgraded without losing structure and database then i may be able to pay i do not want to lose everything just for an upgrade. Web site is here The online shop please contact me [email protected]
  2. My prestashop will not upgrade, it says something like 3 days when try. So i wanted to try a new version of prestashop and link it to data base If that works i will try to upgrade prestashop for my store. Issue is i have thousands of products
  3. I sorted this, its because its now changed using a module
  4. Debug gives me this, What does it mean, what do i need to do? This is in back office when trying to edit the title and other pages Attempted to load class "CompareControllerCore" from the global namespace. Did you forget a "use" statement? Exception Logs 2 Stack Trace Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException in override/controllers/front/CompareController.php (line 3)
  5. Willing to pay to have this fixed either with the things made to work, or by new site linked to database and all catergories , sizes colours and products with images working Anyone ?
  6. Many weeks down and about to give up completely Before i do Is there anyway to wipe my prestashop and make a new site. 1. then adding to old data base 2 keeping all images and catergories The site was updated from 1.6 to 1.74 and many things like modal and paypal refused to work, also page did not refresh to show items in cart unless i refreshed. Around 1000 products, many in different sizes, colours etc I really do not want to lose all that Can anyone help? http://www.secretdesire.co.uk Now even cart not working HELP!
  7. Latest cart is now updated, Same Paypal now as on my other site, 17.1 also Still will not update cart when product added until refresh URL Also still no payment option in Cart Really frustrating as 6 weeks now since upgrade and no one knows what is wrong Surely someone from prestashop can look at source code and spot whats going wrong.
  8. No there was one already still there
  9. Thats sorted but cart still not update and paypal not work in cart, says no payment options I spent all day sunday reading and trying every forum on these issues but none solve problem This caused by 1 click upgrade from 1.6 too 1.7.5 Somewhere in here there is incompatability between these two that upgrade does not solve.
  10. I can not afford it so it has to be another way. I already buy new theme and 1 click upgrade and for next 3 months i have less cash than bills to pay. disappointed that i pay more for prestashop than actually earn from it So in catch 22 , can not make money to repair, can not repair to make money
  11. Does this mean anything to anyone
  12. The site had an upgrade a month ago and now will not work The issue is with Cart 1. When add product does not go to Modal ( box that opens) 2. When add to cart, the cart does not show item, needs page refresh 3. Paypal works everywhere except in cart where its saying - no payment options Surely someone knows where this is going wrong as surely someone who makes prestashop know the changes Site is www.secretdesire.co.uk Any one help?
  13. No, i am not going to throw £179 more to do this Its a rip off as prestashop 1 click should have done this first time Some one should be able to work out why The Modal does not open a new page when add product, and refresh the cart. It should also be possible for someone to understand why the paypal module will not work in cart but works elsewhere Surely someone from prestashop know what files changed and what needs to be uploaded to make it work This should be easy for someone from prestashop, i have got 99% working myself after a very bad upgrade and i am ot a computer programmer or anything Surly someone has 5 mins to help with something
  14. This is fantastic prestashop issue 1 click upgrade If you do not do it, your site becomes vunerable to attacks as security issues If you do the upgrade, it stops your site working, and even worse, know one has a clue which files need further upgrade Prestashop should know which files talk to paypal in cart and which files open modal when you click to add a product..... surely
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