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  1. I need a Prestashop pack module, that create a pack with few products and one product at choice (from a category). I had made with attributes, but is not what i need. I want to have the same stock, with attributes i need every time to update the quantities at more then 100 products. I tried Advanced Pack 5, but it doesn't have options like i want. Something which is almost what i wanted, was "Bundle Product | Pack Products" module, but there is a problem: The products from category/list for choice have attributes, wich only one from them must be available, and the module doesn't allow to use non-implicite combination for choice. Anyone know a module who have options like that?
  2. I want to set a shipping cost, like 20$ for every item in cart. I know a solution is to add weight to every product and to set shipping cost, but I'm looking for another solution, even for a module. Example: 1 item in cart -> 20$ shipping 2 item in cart -> 40$ shipping 3 item in cart -> 60$ shipping
  3. Well I found by myself a solution to get the phone number from first address, is not the best, but is working... {foreach $customer.addresses as $address} {if [email protected] == 1} <p>Phone: {$customer.addresses[$address.id].phone}</p> {/if} {/foreach}
  4. I want to send parameters from customer (name,e-mail and phone) and the product name to contact form with tpl an js. But the problem is how to get the phone value, i know only you can get phone like that in tpl {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .phone}. I know you can have multiple addresses, but i want to get first one, and of course to check if it exist. All this data i want to add is in product.tpl file. Any solution how to get first Address ID from customer? 0q6sli1a3m171.webp 4gz3ygp52m171.webp
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