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  1. If you do not sell to the USA, set the VAT rate (in the tax rules) for this country (google robot sees the page from the USA) the same as you have by default in your country. This is a pretty good way to solve the problem.
  2. Dziękuje wszystkim za pomoc. Pozdrawiam.
  3. Witam, mam to wywołanie Mail::send( $mail_id_lang, 'new_order', $this->trans( 'New order : #%d - %s', [ $order->id, $order->reference, ], 'Emails.Subject', $locale), $template_vars, $merchant_mail, null, $configuration['PS_SHOP_EMAIL'], $configuration['PS_SHOP_NAME'], null, null, $dir_mail, false, $id_shop ); bardzo proszę o wpisanie w odpowiednim miejscu i w odpowiedni sposób " ustaw tam parametr $replyTo z mailem klienta. Email klienta jest w $customer->email " Z góry dziękuje.
  4. Witam, dziękuje. Chyba rozumiem, ale nie wszystko...
  5. Witam, używam modułu email alert. Potrzebuje w nim dodać informacje odpowiedz do. W tym momencie jak przychodzi wiadomość z potwierdzeniem zamówienia i chcemy odpowiedzieć to odpowiadamy sami sobie. Chciałbym w polu odpowiedz pojawiał się email klienta. Proszę o pomoc w rozwiązaniu problemu. Pozdrawiam
  6. Hello I have such a problem using a module in one page checkout. When I go to the checkout is OK, the VATchecker module works OK. But when I click the save personal data button, the module freezes, the testing bar does not appear and the error messages VAT number etc. are not displayed. I have consulted with the manufacturer of The Checkout module and determined that quotes "Vatchecker module is using 'token', and it seems that when user account is saved, token changes, but vatchecker script does not update it and uses old token and (I'm guessing) when token is not valid, it doesn't return any value. See where token is used in vatchecker's JS: " Anyone have any idea? Regards Gregory
  7. Hello, you probably have the same problem as I had in my store (found a solution). Just tell me what country your store is in. Is it different from the USA? Regards Gregory
  8. Hello, I need to add options to copy the Stock Location field into product> quantity. Copying is to take place at the time of duplicating the product. Please help Regards
  9. Hello, I was able to come to the same conclusions. For this it is worth turning off the value of "text-muted" The net price is displayed. There are only two minor problems. The separator is "." no "," Additionally, the number displays with this form 290.756303 It has as many as 6 decimal places. Do you know how to fix it?
  10. Hello, please check this module: https://prestahero.com/international-localization/120-geo-location.html I use it myself in my shop. Regards Gregory
  11. I was able to find a solution. in classes / Meta.php file you need to change "description_short" to "description" Then prestashop automatically substitutes the value of the main product description in the code of the page. Solved.
  12. Hello, I know that prestashop automatically puts a short description of the product in the "meta description" (summary). Where can be set to automatically insert content from the main product description. I know that the text will be shortened, but it is enough for me. Regards Gregory
  13. Hello. I use the module to create rounded prices: https://store.idnovate.com/pl/zarzadzania-cenami/1399-zaokraglenia-5ct-10ct-99-95-szwajc-itd.html Everything works fine in my shop. However, it needs to send the rounded prices via API to an external system managing listing listing on ebay and other portals. This is him: https://baselinker.com/pl-PL/home/ I have information from the staff to be able to charge a rounded price via API, this must be in the API I need to add an additional field in / api / products to get a rounded value, i.e. "getPriceStatic" Maybe someone knows a way to solve the problem? Regards Gregory
  14. Widzę, że nie jestem jedyny. W takim razie pismo od prawnika jest wymagane. Żenująca obsługa. Nie polecam. Nie zbliżać się do tej firmy.
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