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  1. I changed the template to other words then i changed it back to shipped. Will it be fine? Or do i have to do anything to fix that.
  2. Thank you it worked, what about the template, should i change it also or should i leave it as shipped ?
  3. I can't find such folder in my admin panel, where should it be. I search the module and theme but it is not there. Yes the folder name orderscustomers
  4. I go to translation=> back office=>choose the language, search for shipped, change it and clear the cache but it does not work. Here are the pictures. How can i go to the files to check it.
  5. I found it in the backoffice translation but even if i changed it. It does not work.
  6. Sorry but can you tell me what steps should i do, i don't know what login details should i send. I can't send you the account and password.
  7. Hello everyone, i try to change the word "shipped" in the ordercustomer by going into the translation choose the language i it to be changed. And i changed, saved it, cleared the cache but it is still the same. And there is a red text keeps saying expression missing, i don't know whether this a the cause or not. And if it is how can i fix it, someone please help. Thank you. Belows here are the pictures.
  8. Thank you, If i disable the stats dashborad then it mean the stats will stop adding up to my database, right? Is it enough or do i have to do any steps in the database section?
  9. My website is running very slow and i figure it out that if i delete the stats module it may help to improve the speed of my website. How can i delete this module correctly, How many steps should i take to delete this without harming my shop? Thank you
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