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  1. tik neparasei ju tolimesnio atsakymo, kad jie tavo parasa patvirtina ir nereikia jokiu ssl pirkti sertifikatu, kadangi jie ir yra serftifikata patvirtinanti organizacija...
  2. After create category? How to change position ...? A? Or I something lost?
  3. You absolutly right, becouse if you make this theme for you it's doesn't matter but if you want, for example, sell this theme it's problem becouse you don't know absolute path of your future client server. And if you go to diferent server and in new server maybe path not example like in older. If make full path you evry time make change in theme but if make with file=$tpl_dir. just copy directory
  4. I read somewhere if you overwrite the tpl file from some folder in modules/ you can make in your theme folder folder modules and subfolder with module and there copy tpl file and try: {include file=$tpl_dir./modules/blocksearch/blocksearch.tpl} yep this solution for me ,thanks man for help
  5. yep this work, but make in theme full path to server root is not corect... I try make copy from modules template file and insert tag {include file=$tpl_dir./templatename.tpl}
  6. This example insert tpl file from active theme folder but if you want insert template form any modules try {include file=$modules_dir./nameofmodule/nameofmodule.tpl} init.php (line #99) - in root directory Ok but i have error {include file=$modules_dir./blockbestsellers/blockbestsellers.tpl} Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "/modules/./blockbestsellers/blockbestsellers.tpl" in /public_html/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095 What is wrong?
  7. And I can copy from module directory to theme directory tpl file ant add to example to header custom module {include file=$tpl_dir./blockcurrencies.tpl} I am correct? {$base_dir_ssl} where this tag exist? In config or seting? I dont find this ...
  8. PS system is promised, but documentation only in france Example I want make theme with 3 column, left column ok right column ok, but where is center column....? where make change for this... its where big problem..
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