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  1. Hi, I am using Prestashop and Memcache enabled. I have to flush memcache memory, whenever I do some back office configuration. Until I flush cache, the changes are not reflected on the site. How can I fix this? Has it been fixed in new version of prestashop?
  2. It looks like there some php mod that need to be install on the server. Check if your payement module need any php module enabled (curl, mcrypt etc)?
  3. Hi All, I am trying to implement grouping of feature. That means each product feature will belong to some group. eq. group feature Metal type weight color Stone type weight color Is it anything built in Prestashop that can be use for it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Should be doable. But will need to look into prestashop core, how that work.
  5. Here you go. Should be straight forward to understand BaseClass : ProductImporter Child Class : AccessoryImporter (an example import class)(work for xml data source) AccessoryImporter Can be invoked via command line. ini_set('max_execution_time', 600); //600 seconds = 10 minutes require(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../config/config.inc.php'); require_once('ProductImport.php'); require_once('AccessoryImporter.php'); require_once('Logger.php'); $accessories = Simple_XML_Load('path to xml'); foreach($accessories ->accessory as $acc){ $accessroyImport = new AccessoryImporter(); $accessroyImport ->SetProductSource($acc); $accessroyImport ->Save(); } ProductImporter.php AccessoryImporter.php
  6. I never worked on 1.3 Don't know if it work with 1.3. Also not that, it will not work out of box. you may need to adjust some code according to your data source.
  7. Hi all, As my effort to give back to this great prestashop community, I want to share prestashop product importer. I have developed some php classes, that can be used to push product data in prestashop from any source. So far I have tested it with csv and xml, by virtually it can be used to import data from any source. Since It is developed in OOP way, you can customize/ extend it to suit your need. Note that I haven't developed them as a module but rather it will work as an standalone tool, and can be invoke via command line or url. If anybody need/want to review. please let me know.
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