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  1. I gave up on Prestashop and Woocommerce, through frustration at the complexity and the seemingly covert business models, which seem to be a 'thing' within the WordPress universe. It just seems to be nigh on impossible to get a straight answer to anything, especially when it comes down to cost... right down to 'last minute deals' which turn out to be permanent. It's an incessant con. Finally I've gone with imagely/NextGEN because it's simpler and their eCommerce solution is sufficient for my needs, but it's still something of a UI mess. It's the hobbyist's garage floor. Bits everywhere. This does seem to be a problem with WP in general. I'm thinking of it like the Microsoft UI. Just nudge something sideways to make space for 'the great new feature'. I've built my own website for 20 years and it's been fully responsive for 7 or 8. I'm fairly amazed that imagely, which is essentially gallery software, doesn't have an image-slider, but it doesn't and so I've gone for Smart Slider and once again, I'm kind of surprised to see 'px' everywhere. I haven't used px for years. I mean... they break responsive. It has options for % and em, but they're not the default and they're not everywhere. I can just see myself, when I finally get my site up and running, going back to the web software I know and rebuilding it. Ho hum. Apparently WP is great for SEO.
  2. Thanks for the reply SmartDataSoft. I'm currently looking at woocommerce... partly out of frustration at the obscure, almost covert way, in which prestashop presents itself. You may not realise this, because you understand it so well, but for a newcomer, it's really hard to understand, fundamentally, how the prestashop universe works, not only on a business level, but also technically with regard to third-party products and so subsequently, how much it's going to cost and the implications going forward. I sort of feel like I'm being conned.. which is something that really annoys me. ­čśĽ (BTW, your sliders are really nice. ­čśŐ)
  3. Thanks for the reply SmartDataSoft. Yes, I've realised that, which is why I was hoping that since Stephen-FFC seems like he's pretty knowledgeable, he might share his findings/conclusions. There don't seem to be many page builders, but I find the entire prestashop universe very opaque and hard to work out. I understand (I think) that the prestashop business model is Add-Ons, but there seems to be another world outside of theirs, for which security may be a concern? For my own part, I've found only 2 page builders within prestashop's world. CSS Magician and Creative Elements. Yesterday I found another, outside; Pagebuilder, but worryingly the owner appears to have gone silent in the last year. I hope he's ok. Unfortunately I think Pagebuilder is better suited to what I want, but I don't want to go that route if development has stopped. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?
  4. I'm a non-pro 'fudger', but I can generally get by. I'm trying to find the best tool to make myself a shop and am sort of nervous about all these tools, as I slooowly make sense of the whole prestashop thing, which I find confusing. I'd love to know what you concluded about page builders. Any advice?
  5. In the modern Responsive world... pixel logos just look cheap/amateur. They're often the only 'soft' visuel element on a page and unfortunately, they point straight at the company and make it look cheap. Please add support for SVG graphics.
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