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  1. I'm writing a new module that needs to do something at a point AFTER the order.php function displaycarrier() populates the $smarty variable and BEFORE the carrier selection screen renders. I need to do this from within a module so looking for a possible hook that fires in this range? If not a hook, any other way to do this within a module? Robert
  2. Thanks for the idea artjunky, I spent yesterday writing the functionality into the modules config page. So after specifying the product ID I can specify related videos. I like your method too. Since both methods are modular they would be easy to transplant into a dedicated hook in future. @PS Devs: More hooks for Back Office please. Thanks again artjunky and good luck foco, Roberto
  3. I've almost finished creating a module for adding videos to product pages, I just need to add something like a Video Tab akin to the existing Product Images Tab with forms for uploading the video details to the new database table. Unfortunately, I can't see an easy way to hook this in. Is there a hook for this to avoid the need to hack the existing admin php pages?
  4. Is it possible to apply a discount to products if bought with other specific products? (for example; discount on accessories) Thanks Roberto
  5. Ok got it! It's available inside and during an ajax call
  6. I'm trying to call a refresh on the cart after a custom ajax call using ajaxCart.updateCart(jsonData) but can't track down where jsonData comes from? How does ajax-cart.js get to this object?
  7. So I can implement google checkout without breaching their terms and conditions. I want users to be able to choose a delivery method before going over to GC, however as it stands they need to log in. Google's usage policies state that you shouldn't collect any personal info from customers before transferring.
  8. Just to update, the above code does work in the logged out state too.
  9. I need to mod the code to set the carrier BEFORE logging in. The following only works when logged in. $cart->id_carrier = 2; $cart->update(); Any ideas on a good place(filename or line number) to start? Thanks Roberto
  10. Can someone point me to somewhere in the code where I can bypass the cookie encryption? I need to watch some variables through Firefox's cookie panel. Was thinking somewhere in Blowfish.php but haven't spotted a way to do it yet. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the quick reply T! Well in that case, I guess I just need to make a en.php with the following <?php global $_MODULE; $_MODULE = array(); ?> If there's anything else I need to put in this file I'd appreciate the heads up. Thanks again Roberto
  12. I'm about to start writing my own module and understand all the files involved apart from the en.php and fr.php files (language related, I guess). Do I need to create them or are they generated automatically by PrestaShop? Thanks Roberto PS. The dev guide in the wiki hasn't been written yet, is there any published content on module making?
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