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  1. Have you configured the module? You need to tell it how many points to award for spend - if a product is lower than the minimum spend set up, no loyalty points will be awarded.
  2. the shop's main email address is exactly the same one. Moving to a different server isn't possible - I host on my work's server (family owned business). The weird thing is, one of the customers used to get emails with no problem. I *have* to use the smtp option - the php one just doesn't work. With this, and the decreasing speed of Prestashop, I'm thinking of having to change to a different ecommerce provider, one that's hosted - this is costing me far more every month in lost time than paying for hosting would do.
  3. I use the advanced smtp settings and have verified that they are all correct. My customers from yahoo / gmail and hotmail recently have been complaining that they are not receiving their links to their downloads (I sell downloadable cross-stitch charts). Those who can log in to their accounts are fine, as they can download them from their history, HOWEVER I've recently had a couple who cannot log into their accounts, and the password reminder simply comes up with the red box with: "There is 1 error Error occurred while sending the e-mail." I am using Prestashop and can't really update to a new one as I've got a few custom things going on! Has anyone any ideas on this? How I can get a better error message for one would help!
  4. I've added myself BACK into "customers" as well as the new group, and the links all appeared again. Bizarre.
  5. I've just set up a new customer group, with an automatic discount, and added myself to the group for testing. I've authorised ALL modules to show.. BUT the top horizontal menu is empty, except for the "Home" option. I log out, or change myself back to a default customer, and they all appear again. Thoughts anyone? Sarah www.painefreecrafts.com
  6. It's part of the standard installation security routine. You have to do both otherwise it's a door for hackers to get in.
  7. interestingly, that file contained some random text on that line, which didn't appear in the previous version. Have rolled back that file. Let's hope it fixes the issue.
  8. customers are getting the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'Works' (T_STRING) in D:\painefreecrafts.com\wwwroot\classes\order\OrderHistory.php on line 352
  9. this isn't the same error I think :/ it's when PayPal sends the authorisation back that the customer gets the errors. I'll try, but I'm not convinced.
  10. OK, how can I test without me buying a product from my own shop? I've set the test mode to "true" based on your advice, but can't test it myself... it's my customers who are having issues..
  11. I'm still having this issue with Paypal 3.4.4 and PS People can buy products, I receive payments, but PayPal is not sending the correct codes back to PS (or the paypal module is not applying them correctly) to allow the order to complete correctly in the shop!
  12. sounds like you need to manually select which currencies you will accept paypal for. I do that, and it works fine. If people don't hold a particular currency in their paypal account, most are happy to pay in a currency you accept.
  13. no such line in Prestashop unfortunately.
  14. I'm also having the same issue, and raised a tracker bug too.
  15. Yes, that's what I ended up doing too - creating new image names such as small_grid (where grid is my theme). Now all I've got to do is sort out why PayPal has stopped working to complete orders!
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