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  1. @ComGrafPL PP PHP PHP version: 7.1.33-44+ubuntu20.04.1+deb.sury.org+1 Slider name: Image slider If you suggest other slider that works properly it's also ok. Thanks, Marius
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to add 3 banners on my homepage, but the module does not take the resolution properly. This is how the image is shown: How it should appear: I have tried configuring the module, changing the resolution of the pictures and even change code in the theme.css folder, but it's not happening anything (template force compilation and cleared cached) Can anyone please assist? Thanks, Marius
  3. Hi @Ress Unfortunately my programming skills are not enough to make a script, that's why i was wondering if there's a module that can do that for me. Thanks, Marius
  4. Hi @Luisejo I downloaded and installed the module. When i trying to configure it, it does not allow me to modify the logo. If i add the logo via image, in appears in the backoffice, but when I preview the invoice it's just and X. Any tips on how to modify the logo properly? Thanks, Marius
  5. Hi guys, How can i make the block category menu on the left sticky? I have tried different modules, but none of them have the option to make the block sticky. Thanks, Marius
  6. Hi @w3bsolutions I synced both languages and i was able to modify the footer. Thanks, Marius
  7. In the printscreen from about there should be 4 categories: Product and our company - which can be found in the backoffice and two categories with Client, which can be found in the front office, but in the backoffice, they appear as the empty blocks on the left. Thanks, Marius
  8. Hello @mickeyboy1 The thing is, that when i try to create a new parent category, it is created in the front office, but i cannot modify or delete it in the backoffice, because it does not appear. I've disabled the module for now, because on the footer it only appears the title of the category and i cannot modify it or delete it. I've already read the documentation, but is not working as it should. Do you have any other suggestion? Maybe a different module that works properly? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I want to add a new column in the footer called "Client" and post a few link below it. I tried this using the module Link Widget and when I add the column in the backoffice, it does not appear in the backoffice, only in the frontoffice, therefore i cannot modify or delete. Can someone please assist me on how to proper use this module or sugest a new one? Thanks, Marius
  10. We tried to used the plugin, but it didn't sincronized our stock. We haven't used any other options. Can you please explain how to make a pack? Because as far as i know there's a module that does that, but i don't know which one
  11. Hi guys, We have multiple combined products on our website and we need a module that can help us with the inventory as following: - On our website, we have the combined product, but we also have the simple products - When the client buys a combined product, we need to update the stock of the simple products on our website that are included in the combined product. Also if there is a way to synchronize the prestashop stock with the smartbill that would be great, as is begging to be a challenge. Kr, Marius
  12. Hi @Luisejo Thanks for the reply. Are you reffering to this module? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/accounting-invoicing/20356-advance-invoice-delivery-credit-pdf-custom-number.html Thanks, Marius
  13. Hi guys, I want to add our company details in the invoice, so that when in the invoice is generated, our company details will be automatically added in the upper right part of it. I was able to add it in the Invoice prefix field, but it doesn't look very good. Can someone recommend me a way to do that? Or a module that can add a field there? Thanks, Marius
  14. Hi guys, Can anyone suggest a module that will allow me to partial refund an order for paypal and not only? Thanks, Marius
  15. Hi guys, Can someone assist with this issue? Kr, Marius
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