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  1. The links on the big sites are OK because these sites have a lot of powerful IBL's. The links juice is able to flow on the internal pages through menu. I suppose you don't have a huge site, with many IBL's. I've tested in the past a website with very low results / slow indexed. After few months of tests my conclusion was these links (about 180-190) was a problem.
  2. The time depends by the number of links to your website and its authority. If you have a lot of links, the website will be crawled / indexed often.
  3. Ok. I understand. I will edit all photos at 500x150 pixels, with black background. Thank you for support !
  4. The image is very tinny. When I upload the image, the white background is automatically added and the result is a .jpg image with white background. I want to change the background color of all uploaded pictures.
  5. I want to change the background color of the category, but i can't find the piece of .css where to perform the change. See attach picture pls.Thank you in advance !
  6. I just fall in love with you :-) You solve my problem - I loose many hours thinking how to solve this problem. Thank you a lot buddy. You save my life !! I added to the css in this zone - background-color: transparent; and the problem was solved. THANK YOU !!! :-)
  7. Thank you for suggestions. I've changed the background color zone to none but the picture seems to be non transparent. I suppose it's a .css problem - non transparency for the pictures... ??!!. The same button appear correctly (transparent) in the other zones...
  8. I have a problem with an button from one prestashop store. I've changed button-medium_exclusive.gif with button-medium_exclusive.png to make transparent this button. The page seems to work fine in other places, but when I click on "See product" in the open page I receive the same button, not transparent. Please see the image below. I'am not very advanced in css and I need some help. How to make this button transparent in this place ? Thank you !
  9. Cautarile sunt in google.com Sunt pe prima pozitie la toate cautarile de care am spus :-) 5000.ro sunt o mare teapa. Cu 10 euro primesti si o penalizere de la Google pentru spam. Te asigur ca nu e cazul meu. Fac inscrieri manuale in aprox. 200 directoare pe care le-am triat oarecum calitativ. Bafta si tie.
  10. salut. Pana acum am lucrat cu oscommerce asa ca presta e oarecum noua pentru mine. am realizat un magazin care functioneaza perfect pe domeniu.ro Incerc sa migrez catre presta - care mi se pare mult mai aspectuos si mai usor de utilizat. Scuze daca am intrebari de incepator. Cu privire la optimizare - google this: optimizare site ieftin, creare site ieftin, realizare site ieftin, magazin virtual ieftin etc. ;-) PS. Intr-un final am gasit blestematia de settings.inc.php Peace man ;-)
  11. Am schimbat permisiunile in themes. 777 este OK? Fisierul: config/settings.inc.php - nu l-am gasit. Cand am instalat am instalat ceva de genul: domeniu.ro/magazin - install. Sa fie asta o problema? Trebuia sa instalez prin magazin.domeniu.ro ? M-am uitat mai atent si am vazut ca in afara de faptul ca are no style pagina din subdomeniu este nefunctionala. Daca dau click pe un link - error 404. In rest - accesare domeniu.ro/magazin - functioneaza perfect.
  12. Salut. Am instalat presta intr-un subdomeniu.domeniu.ro Folderul este: domeniu.ro/subdomeniu. Problema este: daca introduc http://domeniu.ro/subdomeniu - magazinul este afisat corect. Daca introduc: http://subdomeniu.domeniu.ro - magazinul este afisat fara style. Stie cineva unde este problema ? Mentionez ca i-am adaugat si subdomeniul in Back Office.
  13. Which form for .htacces? What messaje inside ? Now .htacces file is: # -FrontPage- IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti* order deny,allow deny from all allow from all order deny,allow deny from all AuthName www.mydomain.com AuthUserFile /hsphere/local/home/domain/domain.com/_vti_pvt/service.pwd AuthGroupFile /hsphere/local/domain/domain.com/_vti_pvt/service.grp
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