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  1. path to your database may be is not correct, @localhost that means it is on localhost,your case the database may be on network somewhere , check your hosting company's help files
  2. Seems you don't have correct permission to the database. [email protected]??? may be it is not @localhost i guess
  3. Most likely problem is that the server setting and server operating system, try to install a different version of Prestashop. --also give a new database name--
  4. Clustering and network load balancing Working Versions of Prestashop tested on windows 2008 server Bandwidth home broadband connection upload speed 10mbps windows server 2008(NLB installed), web server1 dell sc440 q6600 4GB RAM load55% //cluster mode, unicast, multi, affinity none, windows server 2008(NLB installed), web server2 dell sc430 p4 2.8 dual core 2GB RAM load45% //cluster mode, unicast, multi, affinity none, database server, acer laptop pentium Dual core T4400 @2.2GHZ 3GB RAM Max CPU load 40% SSD one Nic card on each server home broadband Router provided by ISP(basic one) , Netgear 5port Giga Switch etc. 1.5.4,o NLB not working NLB not working, error after few clicks. NLB not working, error after few clicks. NLB working, URL here http://88.hopto.me NLB working, URL here http://668.ddns.net testing Sites will be removed after 30days.
  5. to speed up all prestashop , Simple remove all the comments and white space on each js ,css files in JS CSS folder(please back up all files), because some of the files are far too fat,some js file has more than 16000 code line with lot of comments for programmer...
  6. 你的paypal是在中国注册的,所以默认的设置是中文的,你在paypal网站中仔细找找看有没有可以调整的地方。
  7. 你的问题主要是服务器的问题,有的prestashop 版本装在windows 2003 会出现你的问题,装在Windows 2008 问题就解决了,有的老版本 Linux 也有这个问题,你可以试试看.
  8. 你的问题应该是prestashop的老问题,目前我认为他们无法解决 我测试过很多 prestashop 版本,但是无法与 ecshop比,同样的服务器,带宽,大概一样大小的数据 网站的速度ecshop 比 prestashop 好,但是ecshop 没有好的英文版 //prestashop clicks 977 - 4.018ms CPU 58% //ecshop clicks 1098 - 3.100 ms CPU 9% 以上压力测试使用相同时间,他们改来改去,就是无法提高速度.
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