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  1. Hello again Musicmaster, I spoke with the employee who carried out the updates via 1-click-upgrade and he gave me the following information: The site was in 1.6 until october 2019, it was already impossible to pass it in 1.7 (4000 articles at that time). According the Prestashop team recommandations, he started a new installation without any external templates or modules and reintroduced the 4000 articles manually one by one by copy / paste from the old version via the 2 backends. After 3 weeks of intensive work, the site was operational in version 1.7. During one year, he added manualy about 5000 articles to be up-to-date with our management program and made the updates as proposed by the backend, the first one was done end 2019 to Therefore, the following updates follow: departure : - - - - - - . It is with the version that the problems appeared. Believing the update "buggy", he installed the three weeks ago, still as proposed by the backend. This update did not solve anything. His idea was to ask our VPS provider to restore the situation to version but the backup run everyday during the night and only the last 14 days are keeped. This explanation fits well with your remark about version In FTP, I can see in "adminxxx/autoupgrade/backup" some files corresponding with the mentionned version from to We don't know if it will be possible to restart with these files. Prestashop team say that this king of restore will be done manualy but without waranty and without explanation how to do it. Our boss ask us to stop the modifications until monday evening because more of the sales are done during the weekend and the monday we have to tranfert the orders in our ERP Dolibarr witch is the main software to manage our 3 physical shops (operations done by copy / paste) and in the another side update Prestashop with the stock quantity. Tomorrow, I visit a company also using Dolibarr ERP since a long time with an e-commerce site. They use the Dolibarr ERP directly as a backend of the web shop with a open-source CRM called Moginto (not sure of the name) acting as a frontend so manual update of each database is not necessary and the stock is up-to-date in real-time, new products and price modifications are also updated automaticaly. The two applications are on two VPS. This is nice but we have to verify ! I keep you inform of the results (I have seen that we have to change the prefix in the SQL file). This week-end, I will learn more about SQL to understand what's I do.
  2. My idea was to run " install" in the existing installation to come back in this version. But after reading some topics in this forum, it's not probably the best idea. So may be, after putting the site in maintenance, we can run the "1.7.70.sql" you send us inside Adminer line by line to receive informations about eventual problems but I have to read more before because it's new for me.
  3. We never changed upgrade script (we are sellers not programming specialists !), we always used the official one thru 1-Click Upgrade. Ok, so we are looking how to run the update to correct the problem. 1-Click Upgrade don't show any options to install an old version. However my collegue found it on internet on https://build.prestashop.com/news/prestashop-1-7-7-0-available/ We look now how to install it.
  4. We accept only bank transfert so when we have received the paiement on our account we click on the icon to select "paiement ok" (on the page Orders) and we continue with the shipping. We work like that since many years but may be it's not the right method with the new update. We have check the configuration of 'Paiement' and there is no more options compared with the last version, we have saved the bank information again to be sure. If i understand our explanation, with the update 1.7.7, the order management must be done in the "Card" but we don't see how to inform the system that paiement is ok to continue the procedure (shipping and so one). We continue to check the way you recommend. A new problem ! Time to time, some customers ask us an invoice. It was the case this morning, one of our employee has tried to generate an invoice by clicking on the icon at the right (page order) and has received an http 500 error, we have restarted the server but the problem persist ! this is the message: Unknown column 'ocr.deleted' in 'where clause'<br /><br /><pre> SELECT * FROM `ps_order_cart_rule` ocr WHERE ocr.`deleted` = 0 AND ocr.`id_order` = 693</pre> I have checked with Adminer, the "ps_order_card_rule" is empty, but may be we don't use the right options ('orders' instead of 'cards').
  5. Thank you musicmaster for your help ! I don't find the way to check the database in the front end, but our IT manager has install a program call Adminer and now I can see the DB content. In ps_order_detail the last order recorded is the last one before upgrading and these one can not be viewed in the Orders tab. From the backend, in the basket tab, we can see all the orders. With Adminer, I can see also all the 'cart' in ps_cart. Our IT manager recommends me to re-index the complete Prestashop database, I'm looking now how to do that... What's yout idea about that ?
  6. Hello, We have copy the missing files, set the correct rights and reboot the server. Now, we don't have errors in the "Informations", but the problem still the same ! It's very strange, because for the orders received before the update, all informations are correctly displayed but the last one (nothing displayed).
  7. Thank you for the quick answer. We will try to retrieve the missing files from a local 1.7.7 installation. I keep you inform of the result.
  8. Hello, We use the original theme and the shopping card supplied with Prestashop. We avoid the use of external modules to avoid any problems during update, we have very bad experience with that in the past. Our IT administrator has updated our server (Debian 10 - PHP 7.3.26 - Maria DB 10.4.17) and installed the last Nginx version but nothing change. We have try to deactivate the cache, but the problem is always present. We must say also that we have a big database with around 10 000 products. When starting the backend, it take about 2 or 3 minutes before accessing the functions but we live with it. During this time, the frontend is also blocked. But that situation is not new for us, we know that since some years. So nothing to do with the related problem. When examining the "informations" in the backend, we see these message: (sorry it's in french) Liste des fichiers modifiés Des changements sur vos fichiers ont été détectés. Fichiers manquants (6) vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/TaoInstaller.php vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/Redaxo5Installer.php vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/MantisBTInstaller.php vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/KnownInstaller.php vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/DframeInstaller.php vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/SyliusInstaller.php
  9. Hello, Since the update to 1.7.7, the details of the ordered products no longer appear (the list is empty), the others informations are correct. On the last command before the update, the click on the small arrow under the command ID is of no effect, the window does not unfold. On orders placed before the update, the display is correct and the ordered products are well listed. Now, to have the details of the ordered products, we have to go to "Baskets" and do a search by date which is not very convenient for tracking and can lead to errors. The problem is also present in invoices and delivery slips. For orders placed after the update to 1.7.7, there are no more product details. On the frontend, the number of products in the basket only updates when you change the page or when you refresh the page by F5. Is there a possibility to go back to the old version of order management? Cordially.
  10. Petit complément d'information. Le problème est également présent dans les factures. Pour les commandes passées après la mise à jour vers 1.7.7, il n'y a plus de détails des produits. Idem. pour les bons de livraison. Sur le frontend, le nombre de produits dans le panier ne se met à jour que lorsque l'on change de page ou lorsque l'on rafraichi la page par F5.
  11. Bonjour, Depuis la mise à jour vers 1.7.7, les détails des produits commandés n'apparaissent plus (la liste est vide), les autres informations sont correctes. Sur la dernière commande avant la mise à jour, le clic sur la petite flèche sous l'ID de la commande est sans effet, la fenêtre ne se déroule pas. Sur les commandes passées avant la mise à jour, l'affichage est correct et les produits commandés sont bien listés. Maintenant, pour avoir le détails des produites commandés, il faut se rendre sur "Paniers" et faire une recherche par la date ce qui n'est pas très pratique pour le suivi et peut amener des erreurs. Il y a t'il une possibilité de revenir sur l'ancienne version de gestion des commandes ? Cordialement.
  12. Prestashop 1.7.7 We have upgraded from 1.7.6 after updating modules (just a few free from Prestashop). The theme is the default one installed with PS. The fontend appears ok. The problem we have : in version 1.7.7, it seems that Prestashop has do modifications on the backend. The menu (left bar) is now empty. We can have access to some functionnalities with the quick access icon but not all. We have search a lot but we can't find the way to access the functionalities like in version 1.7.6. We have try with a Mac, Windows 10 with Edge, Firefox & Brave without finding the solution to access the complete options (for exemple, to reactivate the cache after upgrading). We are not programing specialist so we have call the ISP server support and they said that everything is ok at the OS level, PHP and MariaDB. Server VPS OVH - 4 cores - 8 G Ram Debian 10 Buster 64 bits Database MariaDB 10.4.17 PHP 7.3.25 They say also that Prestashop has a lot of problems not solved and that developers continue to do modifications without trying to solve the existing bugs, so it's better not to update when a version is running well. OK, but how to go back to an older version without menu ? We do a try with a Android smartphone but there less options in the backend and it's more difficult to use (not responsive). We have take a look in the doc but there is no mention about the new menu replacement. May be a simple key sequence will be done quikly but witch one ! We have do the test on a second server with a small test shop and the problem is the same : no more menu just Quick Access to some functions. Is someone has an idea on the best way to call these hiden functions ? Any help will be welcome!
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