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  1. Hi! I would like to just show the billing address on the invoice when it equals the delivery address. If it is exactly the same address, it doesn't make sense to have it twice on the PDF invoice. How can I change it? Something like {if $delivery_address == $invoice_address} $invoice_address else <tr> <td width="50%">{if $delivery_address}<span class="bold">{l s='Delivery Address' d='Shop.Pdf' pdf='true'}</span><br/> {$delivery_address} {/if} </td> <td width="50%"><span class="bold">{l s='Billing Address' d='Shop.Pdf' pdf='true'}</span><br/> {$invoice_address} </td> </tr>
  2. I want to display prices according to consumers location in the product pages, etc. During checkout, however, the default currency should be used for payment. Is it possible to do? What settings to set for it to work?
  3. I have made some alterations to the PDF invoice template in /pdf folder. One thing is strange, when I create the invoice in English language I get a different font face as when I am using German language (see enclosed picture). I have gone through various template files but can't find a definition of the font face. Why can it be different depending on the language setting? I use Prestashop
  4. I have a shop on with many custom translations in the core, modules, mails, etc. How can I make sure to keep all of these when upgrading to It would be bothersome to recreate all translations...
  5. Hi! I have migrated my old store to Prestashop. Invoice PDF's have been created for all of the old orders. I do not want them to be accessible by the customers. Is it possible to remove old PDF invoices before a specified date? How to do that?
  6. I have installed the Klarna Payment module and using it in test mode (with the Klarna playground API). During checkout I can choose "Klarna Pay later" as a payment method. When I click "Pay now" nothing happens and I'm still on the last page of the checkout process. All other payment modules work. Does someone know what the reason for it could be? I didn't do any alterations to the module and the API is "live".
  7. Thanks Konstantinos, that was a quick fix! It was a misconfiguration in the SEO URL's (missing /content for pages).
  8. I have made a new PrestaShop installation and added some content to it in the backend and everything seems to be fine. Product pages, categories, etc. are fine. However, when I click on one of the information page links in the frontend, I cannot access the content. E.g. I want to open the terms page https://mypage.com/en/2-terms and I get a Debug message (debug on for testing reasons) [Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead: https://mypage.com/en/2-home So it seems it thinks the ID of the information page (2) is the same as for the home page (2) and wants to redirect me to that instead. I also tried with adding more information pages, but then I have a similar problem: it redirects to category pages with same ID number. What can the error be? Is it a bug? How to solve it?
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