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  1. i use prestashop When i try to use the contact form, I have an error
  2. it may be a cache problem, I cleared the cache and if you now click on the logo you will indeed get to the homepage. So that already works. In cpanel of my hosting I made a redirect for my domain name and that worked problem solved
  3. check it out on www.am-studios.be in attachment header.tpl an htaccess header.tpl .htaccess
  4. I did, but has ni effect, I tried also :https://am-studios.be/webshop/nl/content/16-homepage but also no effect
  5. ok, that's fixed. still 1 problem, I want HOMEPAGE to be the default page when you open the site and NOT the shop like now When you click on the logo you go to the shop, but it must be HOMEPAGE see www.am-studios.be
  6. ok, but this is not what I mean, when you open the site www.am-studios.be, then you see the SHOP items and this text : Welkom bij A&M Studio’s etc.... But I want this text when you click on HOME (not the links in submenu) and I want THIS text as HOMEPAGE when you go to the site Now you see under home ths (see picture) I also want the LINKS under HOME away
  7. I dit the coding, but that don't has effect It is the categorie HOME that you see with a list of pages in it https://am-studios.be/webshop/nl/content/category/1-home That would a Replace with a cms page and set that page as deafault start page, not the shop page as t is now https://am-studios.be/webshop/nl/
  8. Thank you, But I want the text here: https://am-studios.be/webshop/nl/content/category/1-home Now you see List of pages in Home:
  9. When you go to https://am-studios.be/, the store is as default startpage, I want that HOME is the default startpage
  10. When you go to www.am-studios.be and click on home you see List of pages in Home: I would deleting that part and want a text and pictures inside . Can i do this with this module? It's not a free module, so I can't test it. Custom Block Homepage Module
  11. kan ik (misschien mits een module) ook producten koppelen aan een pagina? op op een pagina zetten?
  12. in the slide on https://am-studios.be/webshop/


    I am building a shop at https://am-studios.be/webshop I would like the home page to be the opening page by default. Under Home is the category Links, which I would not want to be visible there because they are already on my menu bar When I click on home I want to see a text and not a List of pages in Home: Can I accomplish that in some way?
  14. Ik ben een shop aan het opbouwen op https://am-studios.be/webshop Ik zou willen dat de home page standaard openingspagina is. Onder Home staat de category Links, die zou ik daar niet zichtbaar willen omdat die al op mijn menubalk staan Als ik op home klik wil ik een tekst zien en geen List of pages in Home: Kan ik dat op een of andere manier bewerkstellingen?
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