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  1. Hi TPL form: <form id="add-to-cart-or-refresh"> <input type="hidden" name="id_product" value="{$id_product}" id="product_page_product_id"> <div class="row mt-2"> <div class="col-6 tc-info-left"> <div class="tc-num-inp"> <button type="button" class="tc-spin tc-decr btn btn-sm btn-info" data-id="{$id_product}"> <i class="fa fa-minus" aria-hidden="true"></i> </button> <input class="tc-qty-input" type="number" name="qty" id="quantity_wanted_{$id_product}" value="1" min="1" max="10" aria-label="Quantity"> <button type="button" class="tc-spin tc-incr btn btn-sm btn-info" data-id="{$id_product}"> <i class="fa fa-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i> </button> </div> </div> <div class="col-6 tc-info-right"> <button class="tc-btn-add btn btn-sm btn-info" name="my-custom-button" id="my-custom-button-{$id_product}" data-id-product="{$id_product}" type="button"><strong>Add to cart</strong></button> </div> </div> </form> custom.js (if not exists create it) ./themes/your_theme/assets/js/custom.js $(document).ready(function () { /* click custom button */ $('[name=my-custom-button]').on('click', function () { var idProduct = $(this).attr('data-id-product'); var idProductAttribute = '0'; /* if exists add here */ var qty = $('#quantity_wanted_'+idProduct).val(); myCustomAddToCart(idProduct, idProductATtribute, qty); }); }); function myCustomAddToCart(t, a, e) { let n = prestashop.static_token, l = prestashop.urls.pages.cart; $.post(l, "controller=cart&add=1&action=update&ajax=true&token=" + n + "&id_product=" + t + "&id_product_attribute=" + a + "&qty=" + e, null, "json") .then((t) => { prestashop.emit("updateCart", { reason: {}, resp: t }); }) .fail((t) => { prestashop.emit("handleError", { eventType: "addProductToCart", resp: t }); }); }
  2. Hi. There can be more than one possibility why this is happening. * there is an override for StockAvailable * there is a hook (some module) for actionQuantityUpdate * there is a trigger in the database * and many others Sometimes it is enough to turn on the debug mode, save the quantity change in the administration. If no error is displayed, it is wise to hire an experienced Prestashop developer to find and fix the problem.
  3. Hi, need to edit files on FTP For Checkout page: ./themes/your_theme/templates/checkout/_partials/footer.tpl For other pages: ./themes/your_theme/templates/_partials/footer.tpl If you use a template other than clasic, the footer.tpl can be edited in a different location.
  4. Hi. I modified the module for your needs as you wrote. The previous version of the module needs to be uninstalled and removed. You have the modified version in the message.
  5. Upcoming news in version 1.1.0: * custom email template including parameters regardless of override
  6. The module automatically inserts a PDF file with the form into the Merchandise return email when the "Waiting for package" status changes. You no longer have to explain to the customer that after confirming the merchandise return in their account and order details, they download the return PDF file, fill it out and attach it to the returned goods. The module also allows you to choose your own email template. However, this template must be configured in the AdminReturnController.php controller in the Mail::Send function. Latest version: v1.0.9 compatible with Prestashop v1.7.x - v8.x BUY link INSTALLATION: * via PrestaShop administration => Administration - Modules - Add new module => choose ZIP archive (do not extract) => click "Upload this module" button * via FTP => unpack the zip archive => upload the unpacked folder on FTP to the "modules" folder => we will install the module in the administration Preview: Module install: Module settings: Customer detail => Merchandise Admin => Customer Service => Merchandise Returns => Select "Waiting for confirmation" Change Merchandise Returns state => Waiting for package (and save) PDF attachment in customer email PDF attachment:
  7. Ich habe bis heute keine Erklärung erhalten. Ich habe noch nicht einmal eine Erklärung von PayPal erhalten, warum sie mich nicht über Partneränderungen informieren. Am sinnvollsten ist es, die automatischen Modulaktualisierungen zu deaktivieren und selbst auf Änderungen zu achten.
  8. Hallo. Das Gleiche passierte meinen Kunden und sogar mir vor zwei Monaten. Sogar ps_accounts waren deaktiviert und es dauerte 5 Wochen, bis der Support bearbeitet wurde !!!
  9. It is polite to appreciate the effort and say thank you. Well, you see, somehow I miss your like 🙂
  10. If someone makes a mistake, they reset everything to the previous records. He will not have old and new. Logically, the module does what the requester requested. For others, it's a demonstration of how to do it. I assume that you will make your own solution in your module 😉
  11. Editing and moving customer groups FREE module for @tomlyon Supported PS > 8.x ps8mod_groupsmove.zip The module settings are clear, there is no need to explain anything 😉 Please read carefully the readme.txt located in the module folder.
  12. In your module: OLD ID group = 3 NEW ID GROUP = 4 TOP 50 CUSTOMERS $db = Db::getInstance(); $getTopCustomers = $db->executeS('SELECT id_customer FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'customer WHERE id_default_group = 3 ORDER BY id_customer ASC LIMIT 50'); foreach ($getTopCustomers as $c) { $customer = new Customer((int) $c['id_customer']); $customer->id_default_group = 4; $customer->addGroups(array(4)); $customer->update(); } Maybe today I'll find a moment and make a free module and put here. It is a job for a maximum of 30 minutes 🙂
  13. Hi. In this way, all you need to do is simply run an SQL query in the database. I don't know of any ready-made modules. It's nothing complicated.
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